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Junk Removal: Long Island and Surrounding Areas

March 14, 2018.

When you’ve got a big project likely to yield a lot of waste, simply arranging for disposal can seem daunting. You can’t focus on the bigger picture when you’re worried about getting rid of the rubbish generated during the process, which can make it the most stressful aspect of the entire experience. Lack of adequate waste management can completely disrupt your schedule, hamper productivity and make an already difficult task seem impossible.

Before you start clearing an estate, purging for a big move or any other large-scale cleaning and organization project, take some time to explore options for junk removal. Long Island residents have several, but you’ll need to choose one that fits your unique situation.

Managing Junk Removal, Long Island Style

If you have access to a suitable vehicle, it can be tempting to haul away all of your project waste yourself. Before attempting to tackle such a big responsibility, it’s wise to consider all the implications.

Even if you don’t need to rent a vehicle, there will be costs associated with DIY hauling. Because almost any cleaning or purging project will yield a variety of different types of waste, you’ll need to plan for making trips to several different locations. Since you’ll be limited in how much you can haul without an exceptionally large vehicle, it’s also smart to assume you’ll need to make multiple trips to each of those locations. Recycling centers and landfills often charge processing or dumping fees, which will further inflate costs.

Every minute you spend on waste management is a minute you can’t spend managing your project, so this can be one of the more time-consuming options. When you’re on a deadline or trying to keep to a schedule, this can be enough to complicate things.

Municipal sanitation services may offer some specialized programs for bulk waste and large-scale disposal, but you’ll need to be prepared to research the rules and regulations regarding waste disposal in your particular area, not just state and federal law. There may be limits to how much you can dispose of in this manner, how many appointments you can schedule, or what types of items you can put out for pickup.

Making Quick Work of a Big Project

How much easier would managing your big clean-out or move be if you could make one phone call to meet all your needs for garbage and junk removal? Long Island residents do have this option, and it’s one they can feel good about.

At Jiffy Junk, we place the highest value on environmentally-sound practices. We’ll come to your home or business, not just on Long Island, but anywhere in Nassau or Suffolk Counties and all five boroughs. Our trained and experienced technicians will uninstall appliances, remove heavy furniture and haul away any waste in your way. Furniture and other items in serviceable condition will be donated and delivered to the charitable organization of your choice, with everything else recycled or reclaimed whenever possible. We work to minimize landfill impact while maximizing your value, so we offer white-glove hauling, which includes sweeping and dusting. One call, one trip and one low price.

Call today: 844-543-3966.

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