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Mattress Removal in a Jiffy

Mattress disposal is one of those things that everyone needs to do at some point, yet at the same time, it’s a job that few people can actually undertake on their own. If you don't know where to turn, look no further than Jiffy Junk. Our old mattress pick up service is a fast and convenient way to get rid of your bed hassle-free.

We Haul Away Mattresses of All Types

At Jiffy Junk, we recognize that old mattress disposal can look like many different things. That's why we equip our teams to take on virtually every kind of bed, frame, and mattress out there. Whatever you need to get rid of, we can haul it away.

Our bed disposal services can handle:

  • Box springs
  • Bed frames
  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Latex mattresses

  • Hybrid mattresses
  • Air mattresses
  • Waterbed mattresses
  • Futon mattresses


Why Jiffy Junk

Despite what some might assume, getting rid of old mattresses isn't an amateur's job. It requires people who know what they're doing - to lift items, move them, and dispose of them in a safe and responsible way. Jiffy Junk's team fits that definition. Our staff have a reputation for being the most courteous in the industry. We take pride in delivering a white glove service that makes haul-away jobs as easy as possible. Just look at our five star reviews!

Mattress removal should always be done carefully to minimize damage to property. Dings on walls, knocked over items, and broken furniture are all avoidable with Jiffy Junk's professional team.

Many regions have regulations surrounding mattress disposal - don't risk a fine by breaking them! Our team will ensure that your old bed is taken away and discarded in a safe and responsible manner.

We don't just do mattress pick up - we also help facilitate the recycling process. Our crew can assess the materials in your bed and take it to the appropriate facility for processing.

If it's in good condition, our mattress removal team will happily donate your used bed. 


How It Works

Jiffy Junk isn't your average bed removal service - we're much faster. Start by giving us a call. We'll give you a precise quote for what you can expect to pay. Next, schedule a date and time that works for you, sit back, and relax. Our crew will arrive at your property on the day of your mattress pick up appointment to get the job taken care of. It's that easy!

Mattress Recycling Explained

Many of our mattress pickup jobs end with a trip to a local mattress recycling facility. It's here where old beds are broken down for valuable materials and components that can be reused in other products or repurposed for a new life.

Recycling is a much more responsible option than landfill disposal, as it helps to reduce waste, decrease the need for new resources to be produced, and prevent harmful toxins from entering the environment.

Old mattresses can be a stink to get rid of. Stains, smells, and intense wear and tear can be a disaster. No matter how old - or gross - we got you covered with our swift mattress removal services.

Mattress disposal facilities sort items by type, condition and size to determine where each should go. Those too worn to be reused are routed for processing and dismantled for their materials.

Mattress recycling entails identifying which materials in a bed are reusable and separating them accordingly. Air compressors, vacuums, and magnets help facilitate this process.

Cotton, foam and steel are just three examples of materials that mattress recycling can yield. Foam is often used for new cushions while steel can be melted and reused in appliances and jewelry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer will depend on the mattress removal service that you use. Unlike Jiffy Junk, some do indeed dump items in the landfill. This is incredibly irresponsible, as mattresses do not decompose well and can contribute to water and soil contamination when left to rot in natural environments.

Leaving a mattress next to a dumpster without permission can result in fines, while also creating a potential safety hazard for local drivers and passersby. It's best to contact your local waste management authority for guidance or have Jiffy Junk pick up your old mattress responsibly.

Old mattress removal and disposal options vary by region. Most cities have a local mattress dump, recycling facility, donation drop-off area, and municipal curbside pickup team that can take care of your old bed for you. You can also call us for swift and professional mattress removal services.

It's time to consider mattress disposal if your mattress is:

  • Over eight years old
  • Beginning to sag or wear
  • Causing allergies or respiratory issues
  • Reducing your overall sleep quality
  • Contributing to back aches

Do any of these apply to your bed? Call Jiffy Junk for an old mattress pick up today.