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Leaf Removal in a Jiffy

Is your yard covered in excess foliage? Jiffy Junk's professional leaf removal service can restore its natural order in no time. Fast and organized, we set ourselves apart by handling jobs the right way. Our team can even clean out additional areas of your outdoor space by removing unwanted waste.

How We Can Help with Leaf Removal

Jiffy Junk does so much more than your neighborhood leaf-raker. Our leaf removal services include:

  • Leaf blowing
  • Leaf raking
  • Leaf vacuuming
  • Leaf bagging

  • Curbside leaf removal
  • Lawn cleanup
  • Yard waste hauling
  • Composting

For those with large properties to clear every spring and autumn, we offer specialized seasonal cleanup solutions as well. Simply reach out to our team to discuss your needs - whatever they may be, Jiffy Junk can accommodate!


Why Jiffy Junk

These are just a few reasons thousands of clients have given our team 5 star ratings. Choose Jiffy Junk for leaf removal in a jiffy!

Our leaf removal staff are trained to perform their jobs in the fastest and most effective way possible. These experts have years of experience and are the best people to call for any yard cleaning.

Jiffy Junk's waste removal and leaf raking service complies with your locality's environmental disposal laws, as well as the recommendations of the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

All of Jiffy Junk's lawn care and leaf removal services are designed to minimize environmental impact. We compost and recycle everything that we possibly can!

Our leaf removal service team can sort and responsibly reroute things in your yard that you no longer want or need. We try to avoid landfill as much as possible and often donate usable items.


Expert Leaf Cleaning Service

Don't hire just any leaf removal service for your property. Choose one with a reputation for excellence like Jiffy Junk. We have a long history of delivering top-notch work that homeowners are glad they invested in.

Our teams are incredibly meticulous, following professional standards to ensure the job is done to the highest degree of quality possible. Countless five star reviews, testimonials, and repeat clients can't be wrong!

How Much Does Leaf Removal Cost?

Leaf removal prices can fluctuate based on where you live, the size of your yard, quantity of leaves, and the complexity of the job at hand. With that being said, the average cost of leaf removal we give customers is between $400 and $1,000 per acre.

But this is only a broad range. It's always best to call us for a free quote - our team can assess your situation and offer a competitive price that reflects what you can actually expect to pay.

Property size is one of the most impactful factors to leaf removal cost. The larger an outdoor space is, the more time, staff, and resources will be required to get the clearing job done.

The equipment your leaf cleaning service uses may also impact prices. High power tools like leaf blowers and vacuums, for example, are generally more expensive to operate and cost more than raking.

Leaf removal prices often factor in the volume of leaves that need to be cleared from the yard. Smaller jobs cost less, while those requiring more time, effort, and tools are more expensive.

Leaf clean up services come in one-time, bi-weekly, monthly, annual, seasonal, and other contractual options. Longer commitments and retainer agreements tend to offer the best overall value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Foliage from leaf removal can be a valuable resource in many ways, from garden composting to winter mulching. It's important to collect them so these benefits can be spread out throughout your property.

Both lawn service and leaf removal companies will tell you that you should always rake leaves before winter. Failing to do so will smother the grass, preventing it from getting the exposure it needs to regrow. This can also invite pests to build nests and make your yard look unsightly!

Leaf removal service providers use a range of tools to get their jobs done. This includes manually operated items such as yard rakes, as well as more advanced pieces of equipment like electric leaf blowers, vacuums, and shredders. Yard bags are also used to pack the collected leaves.

Autumn is generally the best time to call your local leaf cleaning service. It's at this point when the leaves are freshly fallen and easiest to clear. Many companies offer specials to capitalize upon the season, as well, making fall a both convenient and cost-effective opportunity.

Yes! In fact, regular leaf removal services are the most cost-effective way of keeping your yard clean year-round. They're offered at special rates and give you peace of mind knowing the job will always be taken care of. Call Jiffy Junk for a quote on our scheduled leaf cleaning services today!