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Are you moving house or doing a major cleanup? If you’re dreading the burden of disposal, look no further than JiffyJunk in Atlanta GA. Voted as one of the nicest and most professional Atlanta junk removal teams out there and all for a reasonable cost. You won’t regret calling us.

The Junk Removal Atlanta team will hold your hand as much as you need them to. We’ll help you plan your furniture and any other trash removal while also disposing of it ethically and eco-focused. No job is too small or too awkward for our trash removal Atlanta team.


Appliance Pick Up

Mess on Your Hands?

Our junk removal Atlanta team is proud of its professionalism and friendliness. We are consistently praised for our hard work and removal efficiency in our reviews. Overall, you can expect thoughtful and effective cleanup services.

We keep an eye on the junk removal market to stay highly competitive. It’s important to us that you get value for your money.

What We Take

We are proud to offer you our trash removal services Atlanta that cover all disposal, from appliance pick up and carpet removal to supporting estate cleanups. JiffyJunk will take all your bulky trash, including furniture and even old cars, so you don’t have to worry about the cleanup process.

A typical sofa lasts somewhere between 7 and 15 years so at some point you’ll be grateful for the old furniture removal Atlanta team. Sofas are awkward to move around and their disposal can’t be with your normal junk. Luckily, our cleanup team will happily take any old furniture.

Our Atlanta bulk pickup team will even come last minute to take away your junk from any residential or commercial property. Our disposal team works with businesses and homeowners with highly competitive removal prices to haul anything you don’t want. You can also request sanitizing service if needed.

Our Atlanta junk hauling services cover all types of cleanup from furniture, appliances, electrical hardware and yard, garage or building site waste. You can expect a licensed removal team to tackle your toughest items and to offer you our white glove treatment. This means you’re left with a sanitized space.

Hire our hoarding cleanup Atlanta team to protect yourself from the hazards of dealing with a hoarder house. It’s not just about trash removal but also facing potential rodents, bacteria and mould that builds up in a hoarder house. We’ll get the disposal service done safely, with compassion and support.

Cars can last 12 to 15 years, sometimes even more. If you’re ready to finally say goodbye to your car and cleanup your garage, our junk car removal Atlanta team will do a quick, no-fuss removal. After disposal, you can review your second-hand car magazines.

Whether you’re dealing with construction waste or yard waste, our waste removal Atlanta team are ready to take it off your hands. We even do disposal of electronic waste and recycle it where appropriate. As a team, we deal with all removal in an eco-friendly way so nothing is wasted.

Is your sleep being disrupted by the discomfort of an old mattress? It’s so easy for our mattress disposal Atlanta services team to do the removal for you. You can then focus on getting a new one without having to worry about the old one gathering mold in your basement.

Dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves and all other appliances all get old or break at some point. Rather than leave them hanging around in your garage, call our removal team who’ll happily take away this junk. We do this cleanup efficiently and ethically so anything appropriate is recycled and with safe disposal.

Pulling up a carpet to cleanup your house is back-breaking and a potential safety hazard. You can easily damage yourself and your floor. So, why not call the removal professionals and let us safely carry your carpet away? They’re heavier than they look but we’ve mastered the disposal process.

From old computers to photocopiers and printers, our trash removal Atlanta team can take care of everything. We’ll also do chair and desk disposal so you can revamp your offices. We all need a refresh sometimes, even our offices. Our removal junk experience is at your service.

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Services in Atlanta

We pride ourselves on a fast and eco-friendly service. Our pickup Atlanta disposal team will even come last minute for your disposal needs. All our removal teams know the area and we have enough people to cover the geography so you don’t have to wait. We aim to honor our Jiffy name.

Contact us today to find out how you can make quick work of a big mess, all with a single phone call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average service cost for junk removal in Atlanta is about $185. Make sure they're professional removal teams with licenses and insurance. They must also have the proper equipment to keep everyone safe, including yourself, from, for example, mold infections. Your price also covers disposal fees for items such as old mattresses. In any case, you can always call Jiffy Junk for a stress-free process.

The Atlanta Department of Public Works organizes some bulk waste collection when pre-arranged, including mattresses. This means you have to do the cleanup and move the mattress to get it outside the night before the appointed time. Remember that they only do this once a month. Most people don’t want to have their old mattress hanging around for that long so they call waste disposal Atlanta services. That way, it’s all done hassle-free.

Any licensed Atlanta bulk pickup cleanup professional team can come to your house. Some services work during the weekends and some don’t. Others have specific days and times they keep to so just make sure you read the small print. You’ll also need to book ahead so you’ll have to do some pre-planning. The great removal teams will help you through all the logistics so that you don’t have to worry about the details.

There’s quite a large range when reviewing any hoarding cleanup Atlanta cost. That’s because the cost will depend on the severity of the hoarding as well as any potential biohazards. These can include mould, asbestos, live or decaying rodents, rotting food and other bacterial sources. Overall, removal prices range from around $0.75 to $2 per square foot. Of course, the disposal team will also be prepared with all the right safety and cleanup equipment required.

The junk car removal Atlanta disposal service cost can be anything from $50 to $250 depending on the type of car you have. Where we can, we’ll do the disposal for a fee that you receive, assuming it’s in working condition. Even an old, broken junk car can still get a price for some of its old parts. We’ll simply help you strip those and recover anything with potential value to auto salvage yards.

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