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Got stuff to unload? Look no further than the experts in junk removal Greensboro NC - Jiffy Junk! We offer a range of professional services designed to make your life easier.


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It's important to look for junk removal Greensboro NC services that know the area. Jiffy Junk has been servicing the city and its many neighborhoods - from Fisher Park to Westerwood to Linley Park - for years. No matter where you are, we’re nearby and ready to help.

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Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Greensboro NC

When it comes to hauling services, Greensboro NC residents deserve a company that respects the local environment as much as they do their home. Jiffy Junk does that through its emphasis on recycling and coordination with nearby processing facilities.


Recycling Used Junk

Jiffy Junk didn't make hauling services Greensboro NC's most trusted option by cutting corners. We take recycling seriously and use a range of methods to minimize our environmental impact while we're in your home or yard.

We Donate Where We Can

Some Greensboro junk removal companies take items straight to the landfill with no second thought - but not us. We make a special effort to donate salvageable items whenever and wherever possible.


Earth Conscious Disposal

Per the city's name, shouldn't all of the hauling services Greensboro NC uses be green? We think so. Jiffy Junk takes the time to sort through your items and ensure they're all disposed of in a responsible way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t put items on the curb! As one of the hauling services Greensboro NC hires most, we see what happens when people fail to hire professionals. Avoid fines and hassle by working with a team like ours.

Greensboro junk removal businesses have different policies for where hauled away items go, but most use a combination of landfills, composting or recycling facilities, incinerators, and donation centers.

The total cost of junk removal Greensboro NC residents pay is dependent on several factors, including project size and difficulty. Generally speaking, prices start at around $79. Call us for a full quote.

While some people choose to ditch their mattresses on the side of the road or in the landfill, that's not a responsible choice. It's best to enlist the help of Jiffy Junk - offering the best hauling services in Greensboro NC since 2014.

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