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Somerset County Junk Removal & Disposal

Jiffy Junk is here to provide a reliable and efficient junk removal in Somerset County. Call us today or book online for residential & commercial junk removal.

Here at Jiffy Junk, we provide all types of junk removal in Somerset, NJ. Jiffy Junk is simple to work with, and scheduling us to come out and haul whatever junk you have couldn’t be easier.


Appliance Pick Up


Eco Friendly Junk Removal in Somerset County

When our removal professionals take your junk back to our warehouse for sorting, they have the goal of getting as much of your junk repurposed as possible. Jiffy Junk is willing to go that extra mile when we can keep more junk out of the local dumps. Along with repurposed junk, you can trust us with responsible Somerset County bulk pickup services.

Mess on Your Hands?

We here at Jiffy Junk consider junk removal in Somerset, NJ very serious and we’ll be there to pick up the all the junk. It doesn’t matter if you live in a suburban house or a studio apartment or your downtown office space or an estate home, we can clear it all.

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Commercial Junk Removal in Somerset County
Commercial junk removal in Somerset (NJ) can overlap some items removed for residential, but with notable additions: Large Machinery – This can include industrial manufacturing tools, shop equipment and parts. Retail – Display materials, outdated products, cardboard boxes and packaging. Office – Filing cabinets, computer network equipment, office hardware and supplies.
Estate Cleanout Services in Hillsborough
There are many reasons for having a junk removal in Hillsborough, NJ. Getting rid of unused items from being stashed and stored around the home can serve as a relief when trying to clean for large events or decorating.
Residential Junk Removal in Bridgewater
All our professionals are prepared to provide residential junk removal, or even commercial junk removal in Bridgewater, NJ.

What We Take

We provide professional junk removal in Somerset, NJ for residential and commercial customers. We make sure you never have to strain your back or suffer unnecessarily with mold, mildew and dirty environments where some of your junk might be stored. We treat our clients with the highest caliber of customer service and care. Our base offices are close to Somerset County and we can provide you with the junk removal service you need.

This can include more than tables and chairs, couches or dressers.
You can’t leave these on the curb without paying to have them taken, and often must buy special stickers before disposal.
TVs, stereos, speakers, video games, computers and hardware make up some of your standard household electronics.

Junk Removal Services in Somerset County

Save yourself time and frustration; call us today to schedule a swift, effortless junk removal in Somerset, NJ.

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