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Safe Cleanup During COVID-19

April 7, 2020.

Between the stress of social distancing and the anxiety of staying safe, the world seems like a very different place than it did only a few short months ago. While much of everyday life is on hold, other things are taking center stage in a way they never have before. Keeping clean is a more serious matter than ever, and clearing away unwanted items can become much more pressing.

If your household is healthy, now is a great opportunity to take advantage of time at home to finish up projects you’ve been putting off around the house. Unfortunately, it’s also the best time to start preparing a space in your home in case someone living there needs to be fully quarantined. Per recommendations from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those with confirmed or presumptive COVID-19 should stay in separate rooms, ideally with their own bathrooms. Because patients are being advised not to go to hospitals unless there is a clear and urgent need, preparation for the possibility of caring for a sick household member is crucial.

Can Service Providers Help with Cleaning During COVID-19?

If you’re healthy and working toward reclaiming cluttered space in your home, you’ll likely find yourself in need of large-scale disposal services. Trying to nail down the schedule for municipal bulk collection can be tricky when times are normal; with social distancing measures in place, these schedules can feel like a constantly moving target.

Right now, no one knows when life or our schedules will return to normal. What we do know is that being stuck indoors can provide a real burst of productivity when it comes to those cleaning projects. Working through the stress of the current state of affairs can look different for everyone, but there’s no doubt that a cleaner space can do wonders for your anxiety level.

But is it safe to work with professional service providers? While you certainly don’t want to have strangers wandering your property without taking proper precautions, you’re not necessarily on your own when it comes to disposal and cleaning. The key is to choose a service provider that understands just how pressing keeping clean can be during COVID-19.

Jiffy Junk Meets the Challenge of COVID-19

In a time when it seems like there are far more answers than questions, how we proceed in even simple situations matters. At Jiffy Junk, we’re holding fast to our white-glove service promise and our determination to do the right thing for the environment. We’re working to mitigate landfill impact, streamline large projects and provide a one-stop disposal service for all your waste-management needs. We’re also taking more extra precautions to protect our customers and our collection technicians, so you can rest assured you’re making the right choice in this difficult and confusing time.

We’re still offering in-home collection, but now our disposal professionals will be wearing gloves and N95 masks when they enter a property. We can also outfit our techs in full Tyvek suits at your request, or we can work on a contact-free basis in the interest of true social distancing. No matter how much we remove or where we pick it up from your property, you can be comfortable about the environmental impact of your choice.

Anything we remove which can be safely donated to charitable organizations will be taken to a drop-off center. If it can’t be donated, our next step is to seek out recycling services. For items which are difficult to recycle or otherwise likely to end up in the landfill, we’ll work hard to seek out a more sustainable disposal solution. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have a cleaner space and a completely clear conscience.

We can provide both rate quotes and payment processing over the phone, so we avoid personal contact for the transaction. We will provide contactless pickup at the curb, or anywhere else on your property you designate. If you’re not up to doing all the heavy lifting and hard work of sorting unwanted items, we’ll come inside and handle everything while wearing protective gear to safeguard everyone involved. Our professionals will uninstall unwanted appliances, tear out old carpeting and remove even the heaviest pieces of furniture from the rooms where they sit so you don’t have to wrestle them down to the curb.

Professional Sanitization Services Available

Our services aren’t limited to waste collection and disposal. We’ve always placed a high value on our customers’ peace of mind, working to minimize their environmental impact and stress during trying times. Now, we’ve expanded our menu to include full disinfectant and sanitization services. In addition to removing stubborn odors, our hospital-grade disinfectant will leave your home, commercial or public area safer for everyone.

Our chlorine-free, bleach-free and non-corrosive disinfectant requires no rinsing, and can help you weather a profoundly frightening time with a bit more reassurance. Best of all, we’ll work on your schedule and completely eliminate the need to struggle with municipal service calendars when everything is already so uncertain. There’s enough going on that can’t be changed at the moment, but the environment in which you live and the way it makes you feel absolutely can be changed. We’ll help you do it in a way that makes you feel safer.

The world feels messy and out of control, but your home doesn’t have to be either of those. Together, we can improve the experience of sheltering in place by clearing out the clutter, disinfecting your home and helping you feel more comfortable across the board. Jiffy Junk has always been in the business of helping our customers improve their quality of life, and now we’re working to help improve both physical and emotional health. Call us today to learn more about how we can help make it easier to clean up in the COVID-19 era, and to schedule the level of service you need to feel safer, more protected and better in your own home.


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