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Safe Computer Disposal

April 27, 2017.

Out with the old and in with the new. It’s an expression we’ve all been guilty of using over the years and while it applies to many topics, perhaps technology tops the list. There’s always a newer, better, over-promised version storming the shelves that begs you to replace your current version. Among the various items that become victim to this trend, computers seem to be the most often affected.

Desktop computers were considered too big, so they were made smaller. The smaller monitors were then replaced with laptops which then bounced back and forth between sizes before the large desktop computer resurfaced. Better than ever, they said. It’s what they always say. Unfortunately, what they don’t tell you is how to a computer disposal can be done safely.

Before Discarding

The first step once you’ve decided to discard your computer should be to wipe it clean. Save and back up any personal files that you intend to keep. Doing so will allow you to store them for future use or transfer to them to your new hard drive.

Completely removing any files that remain should be next on your to-do list. If you’re not familiar with how to do so, many people with experience can assist. If using a company to haul your old computer away, it’s worth asking if they’ll include this as part of the deal.

Why Recycling is the Safe Option

Many computer owners are so caught up in the function and performance of their device that they aren’t aware of the materials from which it is made. Many monitors and central processing units consist of hazardous materials such as cadmium and lead and sometimes even mercury. It’s a safe bet that every electronic device has a certain number of materials preventing them from decomposing naturally.

The best decision anyone can make when choosing to throw out their old computer is to have it recycled. If these items end up in landfills, the hazardous materials will contaminate the environment we live in. We should all be making every effort to avoid that as much as possible.

How to Recycle

Like most of our belongings, recycling continues to reveal itself as the most efficient and environmentally friendly way of removing things we no longer need. It is, however, a reality that many aren’t aware of how to recycle materials outside of the basics (plastic, paper, and glass).

Many communities hold an Electronics Disposal Day several times a year. This lets you bring your computer, batteries and other electronics to a central location for recycling at a nominal cost. Check with your town or in the local papers to see if one is being held in your area.

If you’d rather not wait or make the trip, Jiffy Junk offers safe computer disposal services. Not only will we come to you to remove the items, we’ll make sure to dispose of them safely and responsibly.

If you’re in the Long Island of NYC area and have an old computer or dated electronic device you need to dispose of, let Jiffy Junk recycle it for you. Call today: 888-543-3966 or click the Get Pricing button below.

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