Bathroom Demolition: Not as Easy as It Sounds

Bathroom Demolition: Not as Easy as It Sounds


Are you preparing to start a bathroom demolition? While you may be excited to finally remove outdated flooring, tile and other items from your old bathroom, you need to have a plan before you start the demolition process. Since bathrooms contain both electrical and plumbing fixtures, you must be careful not to damage any of the important, and expensive, plumbing or wiring. Here are some tips to undertake your bathroom demolition to make it go as quickly as possible without causing excess damage.


Creating a Bathroom Demolition Plan


Your demolition project will go smoother if you start with a plan. Make a list of fixtures you plan to keep and what will be removed. If you are doing a complete bathroom remodel, most likely everything will need to be removed. But they should be done in a particular order. Here is an outline of steps you will want to take for your demolition day:

  • Pack up all loose, reusable items. Remove all your loose items that will go back into your bathroom after the remodel. This includes all hygiene products, towels, pictures and other wall hangings.
  • Determine what fixtures you want to keep. Are you planning on keeping any fixtures? Make sure these are removed first and carefully pack them away so they are not damaged. This could include light switch and outlet covers, molding and other items.
  • Turn off water and electricity to the room. Protect yourself and your home by shutting off all utilities to the bathroom before you begin demolition. You don’t want to be shocked or have an accidental water leak during your demolition.
  • Remove all fixtures from the walls and ceiling first. Start with the mirrors, medicine cabinets and shelves from the walls, then remove light fixtures. Everything should be cleared besides the large fixtures.
  • Remove large items. Prepare yourself with gloves, boots and a dust mask, along with tools like a sledge hammer and pry bar for large items. Removing the toilet, sinks and tub will take some serious demolition techniques. Make sure to have help lifting and removing heavy items.
  • Remove the walls and flooring. The last step in demolition is removing any walls or flooring. Keep in mind when tearing down walls to avoid damaging plumbing or wiring.
  • Haul away all debris. Once you have your bathroom demolished, all the old fixtures, flooring and building materials will need to be brought to a disposal site. This can be quite a project on its own.

Demolition of your bathroom can be more work than you thought. It can take hours, even days, to completely demolish your bathroom. Once it is completed, save yourself time by calling us at Jiffy Junk. We can come to your home and haul away all the materials from your old bathroom for disposal. You’ll be left with a clear, clean space to begin your bathroom remodel. Call us to schedule a time for complete and quick removal of the debris from your bathroom demolition.

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