Carpet Removal vs Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Removal vs Carpet Cleaning

Carpets make a house feel warmer, especially in cold winter months. But over time, they collect dirt and dust. That carpet that’s been there since you moved might have all sorts of germs, viruses, and bacteria in it already. It might be time to consider carpet junk removal.

Carpet Cleaning or Carpet Removal – Which is Better?

Carpets get a lot of foot traffic, so they inevitably become a catch basin for not only dirt and dust but also microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. Just imagine your kids running around with their dirty feet or babies crawling on your dirty carpets. They could pick up these germs and viruses and make them prone to illnesses.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet’s still in good condition, meaning you don’t see significant signs of wear and tear such as fraying, you can still get away with professional carpet cleaning. Try hiring professionals to do carpet cleaning. They do a great job in junk removal because they have the equipment and the experience needed.

As you know, carpets aren’t exactly something you can just pop in the washer. They have to be cleaned on the spot through professional methods like steam cleaning. Vacuuming is not effective in completely cleaning carpets because most vacuums can only pick up surface dirt.

Moreover, vacuuming your floor may even inadvertently cause some allergenic compounds in the carpet to transfer into the air you are breathing. Your carpets need to be cleaned using a controlled manner, which is why steam cleaning works.

Additionally, steam cleaning uses heat to kill germs and bacteria. It also loosens up the fibers of the carpet, making it easier to remove deep-seated stains.

The downside to this is that professional cleaning can cost a lot of money. Steam cleaning methods will also leave your carpets wet for a few hours. It can take up to 12 hours to dry if you use a fan and air dry your carpets.

There are alternatives to this such as dry cleaning. It doesn’t provide a thorough clean as steam cleaning does but it can be a good option for mild to moderately dirty carpets.

Carpet Removal

Carpet removal is faster and quicker. Once you get rid of your carpet, you can replace it with new flooring that will last you longer and isn’t as high-maintenance. Wood flooring is a good option after you get junk removal for your carpet. It still lends warmth to your space.

The challenge with carpet removal is stripping away your old carpeting. That requires a lot of lifting and removing tacks from the floor. But don’t worry because we can do everything for you – from removing the carpets adhered to your subfloor to getting it out of your home.

We’ll do all the work for you so you don’t have to exert time and effort to do so. Our team is experienced in handling junk removal. After we’re done stripping away your carpet, we’ll haul it to our truck and take it to a recycling center.

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with dirty carpets all the time, you should get junk removal now. Make your life easier. Get rid of your old carpet and go with something easier to clean.

Bad Health Effects of Dirty Carpets

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why dirty carpets have no place in your home. While they’re there, you’re at risk of a variety of health problems such as the following:

Respiratory Problems and Allergies

Carpets act as a magnet and repository for all sorts of allergens. These allergens are trapped in the fibers of the carpet. Every time someone walks on the carpet, the fibers are ruffled, thereby releasing the particles into the air you’re breathing.

When it gets in your system, your immune system will fight them off. This inflammation will cause respiratory issues like wheezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and coughing. This problem can persist as long as you don’t clean your carpet.

Skin Problems

It’s not uncommon to experience skin diseases like athlete’s foot and rashes as a result of a dirty carpet. When people walk on the carpet without shoes on, they could transfer dirt and bacteria.

Some people are also susceptible to skin issues. The existence of these allergenic compounds on the carpet can exacerbate existing skin conditions like psoriasis, skin asthma, and eczema.

Weak Immune System

Your body could become stressed out when you’re exposed to these allergens all the time. Our body produces stress hormones as a coping mechanism. If our body is always in fight or flight mode, the immune system crashes. Old carpets may also emit toxic substances that can weaken the immune system.

Stomach Bugs

Aside from microorganisms, you can also find a myriad of things such as fecal matter, crumbs, and dried food on the carpet. If you don’t regularly vacuum or clean your carpet, little kids could end up getting in contact with them. They might even pick them up and put it in their mouth.

Be careful of stomach bugs. Salmonella poisoning is no joke, especially when young kids are affected.

Mental Stress

Studies say that when you’re surrounded by dirt and clutter, your stress levels rise. You become agitated and anxious. Constantly suffering from physical problems can also take a toll on your mental health.

Junk removal can instantly transform your home. It gets rid of the stuffiness of your home and makes it airier and bigger.

Signs You Need to Get Carpet Removal

You don’t need to wait until your carpet is old and fraying to get rid of it. If you think that the old carpet that was already there when you moved into your home is too cumbersome to use, get rid of it. Get carpet junk removal services. We’ll get it out of your home in no time.

But for those who are still on the fence, wondering whether they should get rid of their old carpet or not, here are some signs that you need to watch out for:

Your Carpet Is Starting to Peel Off

Carpets are attached to the floor through adhesives or a carpet tack. If some parts of the carpet are already starting to peel off, you might need to rip it out completely, especially if it just keeps on doing that.

Check the edges. If most parts look like a dog-eared book, you might want to consider a carpet removal service already.

Your Carpet Stinks

Can’t determine what kind of smell it is? Is it a musty odor? Moldy? Smells like rotten fish? All of the above?

Many microorganisms emit a sulfuric kind of smell. If your carpet is home to a plethora of microorganisms, don’t be surprised if it starts emitting a foul odor.

Cleaning your carpet might get rid of some of the smell but it will just keep on coming back, especially if it’s an old carpet. Get rid of it and your home’s indoor air quality will drastically improve.

Another thing you need to watch out for is excess moisture. If someone spills their drink on the carpet, you need to blot it out right away and dry it with a hairdryer. Once the moisture seeps in and it doesn’t dry up completely, molds will inevitably grow.

Your Allergies Keep on Coming Back

You just can’t seem to contain your allergies. You’ve already taken Benadryl so many times but your hives, runny nose, and watery eyes are still there.

Unless you get rid of what’s causing your immune system to act up, you will keep on experiencing these respiratory issues.

It Looks Dirty

Previous homeowners have spilled red wine on a large portion of the carpet. It’s still there and no matter what you do, you just can’t get rid of it.

The carpet’s also starting to look dirty and grimy no matter what you do with it. You’ve tried shampooing it. You might have even gotten professional help.

If your carpet looks faded and old in some parts, there’s no use holding on to it. It’ll just weigh down your home and make your entire house look dingy.

How to Get Rid Of Your Old Carpet

Now that you’ve decided to get rid of your old carpet, you now have to deal with the monumental task of getting rid of it. First, find out if the carpet sits under your baseboards. If so, you will have to remove the baseboards first to get to the ends of your carpet.

Most carpets are not installed under the baseboards. You can just directly rip them out. Wear gloves to protect your hands from tacks and staples.

Get a small box to put all the staples in.  You don’t want to accidentally step on them.

Start at a corner. If it doesn’t come up right away, you can use a small utility knife to cut a small square. Use that to make the carpet easier to grip when pulling it up.

Once you’ve pulled a third of the carpet, roll it and then cut it. Put duct tape around it and then set it aside. Do the steps mentioned above until you get them all out.

Hire Professional Junk Removal Companies

Another alternative is to hire us to do all the work. Set a schedule for us to come to your home. We understand that carpet removal is a lot of work. It’s more work than one person can handle, so let us do all the hard stuff.  

Our team of experts will remove the carpets. Don’t worry because we’ll make sure that your flooring or subfloor is protected. The professionals who’ll come to your home know what to do so that there’s little to no damage to your existing flooring or subfloors. We can also take care of carpet junk removal on areas that are difficult to remove such as on the stairs.

After we remove your carpets, we’ll take it out of your home right away. We have trucks that will accommodate big junk like carpets. You can even hire us to get rid of your other junk at home. Your carpets will go to recycling centers.

Other Options for Carpet Removal

Junk removal services are your best options but if you are looking for alternatives, you might want to consider the following methods:

Curbside Recycling

It’s the cheapest but not the most efficient. You need to do all the work – from removing the carpet to hauling it to the curbside. Keep in mind though that some areas have restrictions on what you can leave at the curb.

You need to call your local garbage removal services first to find out if you can leave your carpet there. They might not pick it up if it’s a big carpet. Most garbage removal services will also charge you extra for bigger items like carpets, furniture, and appliances.

Rent a Dump Truck

Another option that you can try is to rent a dump truck. Look for dump truck rental companies that will drive dump trucks to your place. You still need to do all the work when it comes to removing the carpet from your floor.

Once you have removed it, haul it to the dump truck. Call the rental company and they will pick it up for you.


Be careful when you get rid of your carpet. You could inadvertently hurt your back. This is because you need to bend down and exert force to rip out your carpet. You could potentially suffer from back pain after your work is done. All it takes is one small mistake in pulling the carpet that could cause injuries to the back.  

Get additional help in doing carpet junk removal. It’s better than risking an injury. With the help of our team, you can get rid of that ugly and smelly carpet in no time. Since we’ll be doing all the work, you can resume your activities for the day while we work to get that carpet out.

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