Construction Garbage Removal Options

Construction Garbage Removal Options


Building, remodeling and renovation projects can be full of thrills and excitement. You know what’s never thrilling or exciting, though? Managing construction waste. Scrap lumber, damaged materials and refuse are more than an eyesore; they’re a potential safety hazard. Whether you’re about to begin a long project or nearing the completion of a smaller one, it’s wise to account for construction garbage removal when you calculate costs and create your to-do list.


How Construction Garbage Removal Can Affect Your Project


When you work with a large and successful general contractor, waste removal and management is their responsibility. However, when you rely on smaller handyman services or are doing the bulk of renovation and construction yourself, managing job site waste is your responsibility.

As scrap and debris begin to pile up around the site, the chances of an on-site injury skyrocket. When you or hired workers are confronting hazards just moving around the site, productivity plummets and the timeline for completion stretches substantially. It’s true that time really is money, so it’s important to make sure your expensive skilled labor is able to work quickly and efficiently toward the end goal.

Another thing to consider about managing construction debris is the environmental aspect of renovation, building and demolition. Materials related to these activities account for up to one-third of all refuse throughout the country, which is a lot of space in landfills and dumps.

To add insult to the planet’s injury, many of these materials are perfectly suited to reuse or recycling. Why dump all of your construction waste in a landfill when it could be disposed of in a more ethical and responsible manner?


Managing Construction Waste Efficiently and Effectively


You may be surprised by just how much of the waste generated by your project can be recycled or reused. Masonry can be crushed and used for making road bases; doors and windows can be salvaged for other projects; concrete can be used in a vast number of ways that do not include becoming landfill detritus. Even some carpets and carpet pads are eligible for recycling systems, depending upon material. A zero-waste building project may seem like a lofty goal, but you can at least get close while maintaining efficient time management systems throughout the build.

Whether you’re flying solo or enlisting the help of a few hired pros, managing construction waste is vital. At Jiffy Junk, we understand the importance of keeping things moving, as well as the importance of protecting the environment. That’s why our experienced technicians offer top-quality service and earth-friendly methods. We can schedule recurring pickup for ongoing project maintenance, or a one-time sweep at the end of your project. Not only will we leave the space clean and organized; we’ll also make sure all of your waste is managed ethically.

Materials that can be recycled will be taken to the appropriate drop-off locations, minimizing the environmental impact of your building project. We strive to minimize landfill waste, with proven systems in place to do just that. Call today: 844-543-3966.

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