Finding Furniture Pickup in NYC

Finding Furniture Pickup in NYC

In the most densely populated city in the United States, it seems like you can find anything. Well, almost anything. If you’ve ever tried to get rid of unwanted furniture, you know it’s not easy to find furniture pickup in NYC.

Unless you’re dealing with valuable antiques, you probably won’t have an easy time selling used pieces at any real value. This particularly holds true for upholstered and soft furniture, as it’s difficult to sanitize and can harbor unwanted pests. By the time you find a buyer, settle for a negligible sum and arrange transportation, you’ll have far more invested in terms of time and effort than if you’d simply given it away.

Options for Furniture Pickup in NYC

Donation is always the best and most ethical choice when furniture is in good condition, but very few donation centers offer pickup. The ones that do offer such services tend to be booked out weeks or even months in advance, which can definitely complicate things if you’re trying to get rid of old furniture in a timely manner.

Unless you’re able to arrange your own transportation, this leaves you with only two other options: municipal or private pickup.

DSNY offers a variety of special bulk pickup programs, but they typically need to be scheduled in advance and come with a host of rules and regulations. For example, failure to use specialty mattress bags for every mattress, including futons, can leave you facing a $100 fine. You must place the items marked for disposal out on the curb no earlier than 4 p.m. the evening before pickup, but they cannot impede the flow of pedestrian traffic, protrude into the street or impinge upon neighboring properties.

This means you’re still stuck with most of the heavy lifting, which simply isn’t a feasible option for many New Yorkers. This is where private furniture removal becomes such an asset.

How Pro Furniture Disposal Saves Time and Money

Your time is valuable, and you don’t want to pour any more of it than is necessary into getting rid of your old furniture.

You also want to be sure you’re doing the best you can for your community, whether it’s by reducing your landfill impact or providing support to organizations and people in need. While many private removal companies take everything directly to the local landfill, some are different.

Our Jiffy Junk technicians believe in providing true white-glove services at a reasonable cost, up to and including sweeping and dusting to leave you with a clean space. Because we’re equally committed to ethical and responsible business practices, we donate anything in usable condition to the donation center of your choice. We also seek out nontraditional recycling services, which most municipal services overlook.

We work hard to minimize our landfill impact while providing top-notch service to all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Let us help you get rid of unwanted furniture quickly and easily with just one phone call.

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