Jacuzzi Removal Is Easier Than It Looks

Jacuzzi Removal Is Easier Than It Looks


When does a Jacuzzi transform from a relaxing luxury on your property into a source of stress and anxiety? When you’re trying to get rid of it! Whether you’re ready to replace an older hot tub with a newer model or simply have other plans for the space currently occupied by a Jacuzzi, removal doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

If you’re purchasing a new hot tub from a large retailer, there’s a good chance installation will also include the dismantling and removal of your older model. If you’re buying from a smaller seller, this option may not be available. Fortunately, there are ways to quickly and painlessly get rid of an old Jacuzzi.


The Pitfalls of DIY Jacuzzi Removal


When the time comes to get rid of your old hot tub, it’s wise to keep in mind all the things that can—and likely will—go wrong if you take on the project yourself. First and foremost, as a large appliance, a hot tub contains materials that shouldn’t end up in a landfill. This means you’ll have to be conscious of where and how you leave the appliance behind. Before you even reach your Jacuzzi’s final destination, though, you’ll have to find a way of loading it in the first place.

Large and unwieldy, hot tubs are notoriously difficult to move. More often than not, average citizens will only have access to standard-sized vehicles, which almost certainly will not be able to safely haul an intact hot tub any distance at all.

This means you’ll either need to dismantle the electronic components and break the shell down into manageable pieces, often by way of a heavy-duty saw and a prayer, or secure a large enough vehicle to take the whole thing in one piece. You’re putting your safety on the line either way, since cutting the hot tub down to size can be hazardous, as can lifting an intact hot tub onto a truck. The work doesn’t end when you’ve loaded your hot tub, either. You’ll have to reverse the process at your destination, doubling the chance of injury.


Getting Rid of Your Jacuzzi the Easy Way


While it’s true that most things in life are a challenge, getting rid of your Jacuzzi doesn’t have to be one of them. Our trained and experienced Jiffy Junk technicians travel throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties, leaving clean-swept spaces and happy customers in our wake.

We’ll come to your home to uninstall, dismantle and remove your hot tub in no time at all; the only work you have to do is make a phone call. Our white-glove services leave your property clean, orderly and free of any debris associated with hot tub removal. Let us handle your Jacuzzi removal project ethically and efficiently. We’ll make sure all components are recycled or disposed of responsibly, so you never have to worry about the impact of your discarded hot tub on the environment. Call today: 844-543-3966.


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