Simplify Your Life with Broward County Storage Unit Junk Removal

Simplify Your Life with Broward County Storage Unit Junk Removal

A storage unit can be vital when you’re in the process of moving or clearing out unwanted items from your home, but they can also become an unnecessary expense filled with things you’ll never again use. Cleaning them out can also be so overwhelming, many people opt to simply keep paying monthly rental and storage fees to avoid the task. In these cases, procrastination becomes expensive and stressful. Still, it’s not always easy to know where to turn when you need storage unit junk removal.

The last thing you want to do is pay for an additional month of rental simply because you weren’t able to clear everything away in time. Understanding your disposal options in Broward County can help you make a solid plan for waste management, allowing you to stay on task without running the risk of missed deadlines. Because storage unit rentals are public spaces, you’ll also want to be sure you’re maintaining a clear worksite free of any tripping hazards. It’s difficult to maintain productivity and a safe work environment, but not impossible.

Storage Unit Junk Removal: Your Options in Broward County

For residential customers, Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County provides bulk collection once per month, on the county’s schedule. Items must be placed curbside no later than 7am on your designated collection morning; there are also restrictions on what collection techs will and will not accept.

While there is no charge at the time of service, these services aren’t altogether free. They’re paid for through the same taxes, fees and assessments that cover regular residential garbage collection, but there’s a higher, hidden cost. With the exception of items required by state, local or federal law to be recycled, most of what is collected ends up in the nearest landfill. This even holds true for furniture, clothing and household items in good repair. A notoriously overburdened Broward County landfill, Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park, ends up taking in bulky items which could alleviate tremendous stress for less fortunate neighbors.

Ethical qualms aside, these bulk collection services aren’t even available to residents seeking out storage unit junk removal. Bulk collection is for residential customers of unincorporated Broward County, and most storage units are on commercially-zoned property. Even if you’re cleaning out a portable storage unit on your own property, though, there are reasons why you may want to skip the municipal services in favor of something a bit more convenient.

In order to take advantage of municipal removal, you’ll need to be physically capable of hauling all your unwanted belongings down to the curb yourself. There are no full-service bulk collection offerings through the Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County, and minimal consideration for environmental impact. Waste is taken to Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park at such a high rate, it’s more commonly known as “Mount Trashmore.” As one of the highest manmade landforms in South Florida, Monarch Hill is rapidly reaching capacity.

More than twenty stories tall and brimming with the castoffs of Broward County, Monarch Hill accepts approximately 1.2 million tons of waste each year. Only twenty-three acres capable of accepting waste remain before structures will need to be demolished in order to clear more dumping space. Knowing this, many residents prefer a more ecologically sound method of disposal over municipal hauling, even when they’re working to clear a storage unit on residential property.

Greener Storage Unit Junk Removal

Whether you have access to municipal services or not, there are a number of reasons why you might want to opt for alternative waste management. Because cleaning out storage is such a big job, you may find yourself struggling to stay on schedule if you’re also trying to handle waste hauling on your own. This is where working with a private hauler who shares your commitment to ethical, environmentally sound decision-making is a great asset.

At Jiffy Junk, we’ve created a greener system which allows you to completely forget about waste management. We show up when you need us, not on the county schedule, and we take a completely different approach to disposal. You can concentrate your energy on all the other tasks associated with purging a storage unit.

When our knowledgeable and experienced removal technicians come to your home or public storage facility, we first separate anything in usable condition for transport to local donation centers. You never have to worry that castoff goods are making their way to Monarch Hill when they could serve the less fortunate. You also never have to worry about any of the heavy lifting, because we pride ourselves on providing the very best in full-service, white glove removal anywhere in Broward County.

We’ll do all the work of sorting your unwanted items and determining the most sustainable disposal solution. If it can’t be donated, we’ll take it to the appropriate recycling facility. If recycling services don’t exist for a particular item, we work hard to find an ethical alternative to landfill dumping whenever possible. This allows you to not only focus on the work of managing the project, but also to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with making decisions to benefit your community and the planet as a whole.

Most importantly, we work on your schedule. There’s no waiting for a single day designated by Solid Waste and Recycling Services, or worrying about paying yet another month’s rent because you couldn’t get everything out in time. With a single phone call, we make it easy to clear out even the largest and most tightly-packed units in time to avoid more expenses. In the end, working with the right private hauler can save you money, time, effort and no small amount of anxiety.

Call or contact us today to learn more about Jiffy Junk's approach to handling large-volume waste and how we can turn your storage unit junk removal project into a stress-free experience. Together, we can help you save monthly storage fees while ensuring you’re left with a clean conscience and a satisfying experience. Visit this page to see our full range of junk removal services.


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