Where to Dispose of Old Furniture in Palm Beach County

Where to Dispose of Old Furniture in Palm Beach County

Do you have a couch or old dresser that you no longer need? Whether you are buying new furniture or just want to make more room in your home, if you need to dispose of old furniture in Palm Beach County, you need to know your options. You want to ensure your old furniture is brought to the right place to be recycled or reused if possible. Here are some options for furniture disposal if you live in Palm Beach, Broward or other communities in Palm Beach County. Check the services provided from Jiffy Junk.

Sell Your Furniture

If your furniture is still in good shape or is antique, you may be able to make money by selling it. You can place an ad online through a variety of free direct sale websites or apps like Craigslist or Letgo. Another option is to sell your furniture on consignment to an antique or used furniture store. You can also have a yard or garage sale if you have other items that you want gone, making a nice profit from your unwanted item.

The drawback of selling old furniture is that it can be a hassle. If you place an ad or have a yard sale, you will have to answer many questions and may need to haggle over the price. There is also the concern over strangers coming to your home to pick up the furniture – this can be risky as you do not know who it is that you are inviting into your home. Selling furniture can take more time than you anticipated and be very inconvenient or even cause a safety issue.

On the flipside, if you sell your furniture at a store, you will likely need to deliver the furniture, requiring a good back and a vehicle for hauling. If you place it on consignment, it may not sell, and you may be responsible for retrieving it according to the timeline you agreed to in accordance with store policy. It is important to consider all the possibilities before bringing it to a store to sell.

Donate to a Charity

If your old furniture is in reasonably good condition, you may want to donate your furniture to charity. This is an excellent way to give to local charities and ensure your used furniture gets a new home. There are a few different charities in Palm Beach County that accept furniture donations. These include:

  • Salvation Army
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Treasures for Hope Charity Store
  • Goodwill

These charities can donate or resell your old furniture to help those less fortunate, making good use of the items you no longer use. The issue is that most will require you to haul the items to their collection sites. You should call in advance to ensure they are accepting furniture and what times you can drop off your donation. This can be difficult if you do not own a truck or if the collection times do not mesh with your schedule.

SWA Bulk Item Pickup

If you use Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County for garbage disposal, you may be able to dispose of old furniture using their bulk and minor home repair disposal service. SWA of Palm Beach County will pick up and remove up to three bulk items as part of their once per week service. However, there are stipulations. These include:

  • Items must be brought to the curb and placed at the designated area
  • Doors, mirrors and other detachable parts must be removed
  • Certain bulk items may not exceed 50 pounds

It is convenient to have bulk items removed by your garbage service, but you should consider where these items will go. Most will end up in local landfills, adding to the waste buildup. If you have furniture that is still useable, it should be repurposed if possible. Also, you will need to bring the furniture to the curb, which can be difficult for some people with physical limitations.

Dispose of Old Furniture with Jiffy Junk

If you do not want to mess with the hassle of selling your furniture or hauling it out of your home but like the idea of donating it or repurposing it for others, consider Jiffy Junk. We are your source for easy, convenient disposal of old furniture in Palm Beach County. When you call us, you can rest assured we will make sure your furniture is quickly removed and brought to the appropriate disposal option. Some of the benefits of using Jiffy Junk include:

  • We come to your location
  • Our techs do all the heavy lifting
  • We never leave a mess
  • Jiffy Junk donates useable items to charity
  • Items not useable are brought to the proper disposal or recycling point
  • We can haul away other items that you need removed at the same time
  • Every removal comes with our White Glove Treatment, leaving your area broom-clean

When you use Jiffy Junk for removing your old furniture, appliances or other items you need gone, it is as easy as making a phone call. You do not need to worry about hurting your back, securing a truck or figuring out drop-off times – we will show up on-time and ready to tackle that heavy couch or unwieldly recliner. We will donate or recycle items when possible to reduce waste and keep unnecessary waste out of our landfills. The process it easy and affordable, saving you the time and trouble of disposing of your old furniture on your own.

If it is time to turn your kid’s room into an office or hobby room, Jiffy Junk can haul away that old bunkbed set and other items. We can also remove that awkward sectional to make room for your new couch and loveseat or take away that broken recliner. When you need old furniture disposal in Palm Beach County, Jiffy Junk is the right choice. We offer simple scheduling and quick service for all your disposal needs – contact us today and book your removal service. You can call us toll-free at 631.907.6200 or reach us through our website “contact us” page.

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