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How to Dispose: Furniture, Appliances and Household Goods in Palm Beach County

June 21, 2019.

Getting rid of household waste is as easy as tossing it in a curbside bin and rolling it to the curb twice per week in Palm Beach County. Larger items, however, can be more difficult to manage properly. Figuring out how to dispose of furniture, appliances and other outsized items isn’t always easy, but it’s far from impossible. Palm Beach County residents have a variety of bulk disposal options, including ethical and eco-friendly choices, which help to make the entire community better.

How to Dispose of Furniture and Other Bulk Items Efficiently

Along with twice per week collection of household waste, Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County will also collect discarded furniture, appliances, bathtubs and other large household items too large to fit into a standard garbage bin. These items simply need to be placed out by the curb for collection, with doors removed from all refrigerators, freezers, dryers, and washers to prevent children from becoming trapped inside the appliances.

Mirrors, sheet glass and other large glass items must be broken and containerized in solid containers, not plastic bags, and those containers must weigh less than fifty pounds.

When it comes to construction and landscaping debris, the rules are a bit different. Up to two cubic yards of waste, roughly equal in size to a standard refrigerator, may be placed out for collection on regular pickup days as long as the debris is containerized and weighs less than fifty pounds. Any discarded carpet must be cut to four-foot lengths, rolled and secured into bundles that also weigh less than fifty pounds. Construction debris placed on the ground will not be collected, with the exception of rolled carpet bundles.

With such a robust and frequent pickup system, living in Palm Beach County makes it easier to figure out how to dispose of furniture and other large items, but not necessarily easier to make environmentally-sound choices. 

Except for appliances, items collected by the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County are taken to a landfill. Even items placed out for collection that are still in usable condition are thrown away, contributing to landfill crowding. Equally troubling, they’re also taken out of the community, where they could be of use to those in need.

Donation is a far more ethical solution, but many donation centers lack the resources to offer pickup services. This means you’re on the hook for loading them up and hauling them to the center of your choice, assuming you have access to a vehicle of suitable size. If not, you’re also on the hook for rental, insurance and administrative fees, along with fueling costs, just for doing a good deed. You still must do all the heavy lifting and all the work of finding the right charity to support. While there can be difficulties that make donation seem less appealing than simply tossing items out for disposal by any available means, out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind. When your conscience can’t bear sending a perfectly good sofa to the landfill, it’s time to consider other options.

Even with twice per week pickup, it’s not always easy to haul heavy items down to the curb, either. When you need a full-service option that doesn’t require any manual labor and also minimizes your landfill impact, an ethical private hauler may be your best option. This especially holds true for those who aren’t capable of heavy lifting or those who need more than simple hauling of bulky items. In such cases, a true white-glove removal experience is often the best possible solution.

Choosing a Private Waste Hauler

Clearing out a home before a big move, renovating part of your house, cleaning out the garage or even just organizing your belongings can generate a surprising amount of waste. Cast-off household goods, unwanted furniture, outdated or outgrown clothing can quickly become overwhelming. Larger projects, like closing the estate of a loved one or working on a hoarding mitigation project, can generate even more. No matter how much waste your project generates, there is a way to ensure your space is emptied of all the things for which you no longer have a need or the desire to keep.  

Working with a full-service, white glove hauling company like Jiffy Junk can make a large project run much more smoothly, because you’re free to focus on the larger tasks only you can handle. Our experienced and knowledgeable removal techs will collect just about anything you no longer want or need, but we don’t send it all to the landfill. In fact, we separate any usable items, then drop them off at donation centers to ensure they stay in the community where they can do some good and out of the landfill. Everything else, we work hard to find recycling solutions for in order to minimize our own environmental impact.

Unlike some other private haulers, we work to provide a truly full-service experience. This means we remove items from where they sit, no need for you to move heavy things outside or drag them down to the curb. We’ll even uninstall appliances to haul them away, and we’ll tear up old carpeting you’re ready to dispose of, as well. When everything is removed, we leave your space swept clean and free of dust bunnies, ready for anything you have planned. Because we place such a high emphasis on environmentally ethical disposal, you’re also left with a clear conscience.

Municipal bulk item collection services offered by the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County are frequent and convenient, but they simply aren’t ideal for those who wish to keep items out of a landfill or to avoid having to face the risks associated with lifting and dragging heavy, ungainly items out of the house and down to the curb. When municipal services aren’t quite enough, we’re here to make sure you have access to a full-service hauling option you can trust. Call us today to learn more about the Jiffy Junk white-glove promise and how we work to keep Palm Beach County cleaner, greener and less cluttered.

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