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How to Dispose of Old Furniture Responsibly in Broward County

December 13, 2019.

Is the most stressful aspect of your cleaning or organizing project figuring out how to dispose of old furniture you no longer need or want? When it comes to waste management, few things are as burdensome or as difficult as unwanted furnishings. Unless you’re dealing with particularly rare, unique or valuable pieces, it’s also quite unlikely you’ll have much luck selling your used pieces. Whether you’re in the middle of trying to overhaul your own living spaces or doing the difficult work of managing a loved one’s final estate needs, finding new homes for furniture is a challenge. This especially holds true for upholstered things like sofas and armchairs, which can be difficult to sanitize thoroughly.

Where do you turn when there’s a mountain of junk in the middle of a space you need to clear completely? Broward County residents have a few options, but it’s important to have a working understanding of them all before moving forward to ensure you choose the one best suited to your unique needs. No two jobs are alike when it comes to disposal, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Weighing Your Options: Choosing How to Dispose of Old Furniture Ethically and Efficiently

Time really is money, especially if you’re in the middle of purging before a big move or working to get a rental property ready for the market again after a destructive tenant. Municipal waste management through Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County does include bulk collection for residents, but only once per month and on their schedule. This means you will have to work your project timeline around the one day of the month when municipal haulers will collect your unwanted furniture. You’ll also have to find a way to square this choice with your conscience because furniture collected in this manner is not recycled or donated. Instead, it is transported directly to the landfill.

Towering more than 200 feet, Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park is better known by its nickname, “Mount Trashmore.” It is rapidly approaching the highest peak permissible and bulky furniture adds to the burden exponentially. Current estimates project the entire complex will be filled by 2035, with the last parcel of property capable of receiving waste already cleared and prepared as other areas reach their individual capacities. There is no plan in place for the management of Broward County’s waste when Monarch Hill can no longer be utilized.

When items are still in usable condition, it’s vital to divert them away from the landfill to not only minimize the environmental impact but also maximize your positive impact on the community. Donations keep your unwanted furniture in circulation and out of the landfill, but limited resources at donation centers often means no pickup service. Taking time, energy and manual labor away from all the other things on your to-do list in order to deliver furniture to a donation center can be a challenge even under the most ideal circumstances.

Both municipal bulk collection and donation drop-off leave you on the hook for most of the heavy lifting. Municipal crews collect items from the curb, which means you must do all the work of dragging ungainly old sofas and enormous wooden pieces to the road. Donation drop-off requires you to get items in and out of a truck. Without some helping hands and a strong back, you may find yourself in a tight spot when it comes to both disposal options.

This is where full-service disposal through a private hauler can be the best possible solution. Choose one with a focus on the best environmental practices, and you can enjoy a conscience as clean as your living or working space!

How Private Waste Management Can Be Greener, Easier and More Cost-Effective

No one wants to become an expert on local disposal laws, or the ins and outs of all the bulk collection rules and regulations in their area. No matter what kind of project you’re working on, you just want to get rid of items you no longer use without worrying about your environmental impact.

At Jiffy Junk, we understand that waste management is the most important thing you don’t want to think about, and we’re here to help. The lack of a clear plan for disposal can derail an entire project, but managing the waste can easily demand all your time and attention. There are so many aspects of your project no one but you can manage; unwanted furniture is not one of them.

When we come to your home or place of business to help you figure out how to dispose of old furniture, appliances, carpeting or just about anything else you can imagine, we make it easy. We do all the heavy lifting, even if it means tearing out the carpeting and uninstalling the appliances. Because we believe in taking care of the planet just as well as we take care of our customers, we also make every possible effort to divert waste from local landfills. Anything in usable condition is separated for transport to local donation centers. Everything else is taken to recycling centers or disposed of in the most sustainable manner possible, with every effort to avoid landfill dumping.

We leave your spaces clean and free of any dust bunnies, so they are truly ready for whatever comes next. You can move forward with your to-do list with no more thoughts about waste management or worries about how to dispose of old furniture.

Whether you need a one-time collection for a single sofa or ongoing services for the most serious hoarding mitigation or commercial cleaning projects, we are here to provide full-service removal. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to doing the very best we can for the environment, our clients and the community. Together, we can make quick work of even the largest and most overwhelming junk piles.


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