Scrap Metal Pick Up: What Can You Recycle?

Scrap Metal Pick Up: What Can You Recycle?

When we get a call for scrap metal pickup, it could be for any number of things and most any kind of metal. Think of all the different kinds of metal and the wide range of items that are made of metal. It’s quite a variety, isn’t it?

Here are some of the common and not so common scrap metal items that can be recycled from homes and businesses. Check out the services offered by Jiffy Junk.

Wrought Iron

Even though wrought iron is strong enough to last for generations, not every generation wants to keep the leftovers from the previous eras. Wrought iron fences, stair railings and patio furniture that have served well for decades, eventually being replaced. Jiffy Junk has the pleasure of doing the scrap metal pick up after demolition takes place at stately old homes. 


Steel siding and sheets of corrugated galvanized steel roofing are often piled high after removal from a home or a storage shed. The long lengths can be cumbersome to handle. Jiffy Junk can load this steel into one of our trucks and haul it off to be recycled and used again. Sometimes the steel comes from smaller items including old bicycles, car parts, bed frames, old steel patio furniture or grilles. Woven steel fencing, old steel clothesline poles and even flag poles are on our pickup lists. Old vehicles are probably the most frequent scrap metal calls we get.


Aluminum is one of the most common scrap metal calls we get. Old aluminum storm windows or aluminum siding are the most common items. Occasionally it will be an old aluminum canoe or boat that is no longer seaworthy that needs to be hauled away. Aluminum window blinds are another household item that frequently ends up in our trucks. Sometimes it is even a large collection of aluminum cans or hubcaps that need to be hauled away.


Building demolitions often provide a significant amount of copper scrap in the form of piping, wiring, roof sheathing, and other copper trim. Taking the time to pull these items from the building before or after demolition can be time-consuming. Let Jiffy Junk take care of it. We’ll take care of the copper and all the rest of the demolition materials, as well.

Scrap Metal Pick Up and Recycling

The great thing about scrap metal is that no matter what type of metal it is, it can be recycled. Aluminum, steel, iron, copper and precious metals can all be recycled and reused. Jiffy Junk saves you the hassle of finding a recycler and hauling your scrap metal away. You don’t need to do any sorting or weighing; just make the call and everything is taken care of for you. You do your part in avoiding waste by recycling your iron, steel, aluminum and copper scrap metal.

Call the scrap metal removal experts at Jiffy Junk toll-free 844-JIFFY-NOW | (844) 543-3966 or use our contact form.

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