7 Considerations When Getting Rid of Large Furniture

7 Considerations When Getting Rid of Large Furniture


There are many occasions where you might need to get rid of old furniture. Most of the time it’s for happy occasions. Perhaps you’re finally fed up with your saggy mattress leaving you with a chronic backache, so it’s time for a new bed or mattress set; or you’ve been living with an old worn-out sofa that simply cannot be updated. Perhaps you’ve finally saved up enough to replace your old couch or easy chair. You’ve already chosen your new furniture item and need to make a place for it by getting the old furniture out.

Do you know how to go about clearing out the old items?

There are many considerations you must make when getting rid of large furniture. A lot of effort and planning is involved, and if you wait until your new items arrive, you’ll find out in a hurry that last minute arrangements are always a mistake. You may have decided to go the “cheap route” by getting rid of the items yourself. Couldn’t be easier, right? What does that even mean?

Here’s a list of the 7 things to consider when planning the disposal of your old large furniture.


  1. Navigating Stairs


Whether you’ve decided to give the furniture pieces to charity or to have it recycled or trashed, you still need to get them out of your apartment or house. It might seem easy to get furniture out of a ground floor, but what about items that are on a second or third floor? Older buildings often have shorter hall sections that make it difficult to maneuver around to the top of the staircase or around winding staircases. You find yourself turning and repositioning until you get it through the space. This can be exhausting and discouraging and may require several good friends to come over to help.

Jiffy Junk understands the danger and frustration, as well as the heavy, backbreaking effort required to navigate stairs. Our professional removers are old hands at getting awkward furniture pieces down any type of staircase; including up tiny basement stairs that go around tight corners, quickly and safely.


  1. Disassembly


Sometimes the only way to get your furniture out of your enclosed staircases or tight rooms is to disassemble the items. If you plan to donate the item to charity, then painstaking care needs to be made to take apart furniture in such a way that it can be easily reassembled and used again safely. This requires keeping track of every piece, including screws and bolts. This is time-consuming and often requires the proper tools. Perhaps you’ve just decided the item cannot be dissembled properly, or you don’t care about keeping the item intact. Breaking it apart for removal sounds like a good option. It will likely be a lot of work, require the proper tools, but will also involve safety measures. Intentionally tearing or cutting apart a couch in your living room can present physical dangers, a lot of effort, and usually leaves a mess.

Whether you must disassemble furniture for donation or tear it apart for removal, why put yourself through the work, the tedium, or the mess of doing that yourself? When you call Jiffy Junk, we can do whatever it takes to remove those items quickly and easily. We have the tools, the expertise, and the manpower. One call and it’s done.


  1. Back Safety


There’s no question that carrying mattresses, couches, large easy chairs, or loveseats requires not only more than one person, but a lot of grunting and physical effort. It’s also easy to strain your back and other body parts with too much exertion done the wrong way. The great idea you had for saving money doing this yourself could add the expense of medical treatment. Not everyone has the easy ability to hurl a couch around corners without paying physically for it later.

At Jiffy Junk, our professional removers are experienced and capable in removing any type of large furniture from your premises safely and easily. We have the right equipment and the know-how. Save your back and let us do your heavy lifting.


  1. Door Widths


As when navigating stairways, getting your odd-shaped or large furniture through doorways can be aggravating. Often the angle of the wall beyond the doorway prevents turning the couch or other item to get it in or out. You tell yourself again that “somebody had to bring it in at some point.” You then push on, perhaps damaging the item, damaging the wall, or worse, somebody getting hurt. This is the moment when tempers flare and no amount of pizza will make your buddy want to come help the next time.

Save your furniture, your wall and your friendships by letting us do what we do best. The pros at Jiffy Junk can make getting your furniture out of the house a painless process.


  1. Protecting Walls and Corners


Whether trying to maneuver the angle of a box spring around to the top of the stairs or having to wedge your giant club chair through the basement doorway, your real concern regarding damage isn’t always for the furniture. In every case, however, you need to be mindful of not damaging your walls or corners. It’s extremely easy to hit a wall corner with the wooden frame of your couch, make dents or scrape paint, exposing the beading or drywall. Carrying or pushing furniture from room to room always involves negotiating the structure of the house or apartment.

Jiffy Junk professionals care about making sure your home doesn’t suffer when they remove your awkward or large items. Their experience and tools give them the advantage in stress-free removal without making your walls or corners pay for it.


  1. Where to Take It


Though you might seriously be considering dumping your couch at the curb or at your building’s dumpster, you might want to think again. Waste disposal companies most often charge additional to remove your unwanted furniture, with fees ranging from $50-$75. So much for staying cost effective. Your landlord most likely won’t be happy to pay that for you, either. Relying on putting a FREE sign on the couch at the curb is dicey; especially if the item is very old or damaged. Trying to rely on needy neighbors or on your garbage collector to look the other way could result in you having to lug the item back to the basement or garage until you figure out what else to do.

Jiffy Junk pros know exactly what to do with your old furniture. They will find a way to give it to charity, get it recycled, or to dispose of it safely and legally. Avoid the hassle and let us deal with your furniture’s destination. 


  1. How to Haul It


Unless you already own a large enough pick-up or box truck, you’ll have to borrow or rent a vehicle that can haul your old furniture. If you have more than one piece, you will have to make several trips or rent a larger vehicle. Between rental costs, and the cost of gasoline, your original plan of saving money could add up to more expense and effort than you hoped for.

Save yourself the stress and worry of having the right vehicle to haul your old furniture away. Our Jiffy Junk pros will be prepared to take whatever you have on that same day at the pre-agreed cost. No surprises, and no hassle.


Getting Rid of Large Furniture Can be Fast, Easy, and Painless 


Whatever situation may be causing you to get rid of your old furniture is probably also needing your energy and attention in other areas. It’s possible to save money, time, and stress by allowing our professionals to take care of getting rid of your unwanted furniture, so you can get back to the more important things in life. Make it easy on yourself. Call Jiffy Junk or go online to schedule an appointment.

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