Appliance Removal Tips and Regulations

Appliance Removal Tips and Regulations


Are you faced with removing an appliance? Everyone depends on appliances to make their life easier. The standard refrigerator and stove are in almost every home or apartment, while many people also enjoy the convenience of a washer, dryer and dishwasher as well. But when these fixtures have to be replaced, you are left with the problem of how to dispose of your old one.


Appliance Removal Tips


Before you try to remove your old refrigerator, dryer or washer from your home, there are some tips you should know. Unlike many other household items, appliances are not generally something you can just toss in the trash. Besides their bulk, there are laws and regulations regarding their disposal, as well as other things to keep in mind.

  • Recycling and disposal laws. First and foremost, many appliances cannot be simply left for pickup by the city like other bulk garbage items. Anything that contains Freon or refrigerant, such as a refrigerator, freezer or air conditioning unit, requires special care.
  • Size limits. Even if the unit does not contain any hazardous chemicals, most city or municipal garbage services will only pick up items that are smaller in size. Even then, you may need to schedule pickup.
  • Protecting your body from injury. Moving out old appliances can be difficult, as most are heavy and awkward to move. You need to ensure you have the right equipment to safely move them out of your home. A sturdy hand truck or dolly is recommended, along with furniture straps to hold the appliance in place. If you will need to navigate stairs, it is best to have at least two people to steady the load as you move the it down to street level.
  • Be prepared for extra costs. Some appliances will cost extra to have disposed. If chemicals must be removed before the item can be recycled, there may be a charge for removal and disposal of the chemicals. This can be refrigerant, oil and batteries.
  • Remove doors. If your city garbage service will allow pickup of an appliance, in most boroughs and areas of New York City it is required that the doors be removed. This is for safety reasons.

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