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Dishwasher Removal Done Right

Is it time to upgrade your dishwasher? When your appliances break down or are no longer an aesthetic fit in your home, the excitement of replacing them can be dampened by the thought of arranging disposal for the old equipment. Curbside pickup programs can be difficult to coordinate and are often limited in what they can and will accept.

Our Dishwasher Removal Process

In some cases, merchants will offer free installation and dishwasher removal as part of the purchase agreement. When you’re buying from a seller who doesn’t offer these services, or if you’re in the middle of a full-blown kitchen renovation, these programs may not suit your needs. You also have no guarantee these service providers are taking ecologically responsible approaches to disposal. Understanding how to dispose of appliances on your own can be handy knowledge, but it pays to know what you’re getting into before you inadvertently run afoul of local, state and federal laws.


Dishwasher Removal With Minimal Environmental Impact

The first and best way to make sure your dishwasher upgrade has no landfill impact is to donate the appliance you’re replacing. This is an ideal solution if your old dishwasher is still in working order, but can present a challenge if it’s broken or significantly worn. Even if it’s in great condition, however, you should remember that very few donation centers offer pickup services. This means you’ll still need to haul your old appliance to their drop-off location.

Broken models can sometimes be sold to repair shops for a minimal amount because the appliances will be stripped for working parts and scrap metal. The unusable bits are likely to end up in a landfill, however, and a very old model may not be desirable to these buyers. This is a good solution for newer dishwashers that have been damaged or broken, but may leave the owners of very old appliances out in the cold.

Do Your Part with Dishwasher Removals

If your dishwasher can’t be donated or sold for scrap, there are recycling programs that can help to mitigate environmental impact. These recycling centers offer drop-off locations but almost never offer any kind of pickup. Again, you’ll be responsible for transporting the large, bulky appliance to the appropriate location. Volatile or hazardous components are carefully removed by trained technicians and all reusable resources are harvested for recycling.


Quick and Painless Dishwasher Removal

We know how difficult it can be to lift, move and haul away a major appliance. Jiffy Junk technicians offer Suffolk and Nassau County clients the chance to save their backs and their peace of mind with white-glove disposal services.

We’ll come to your home or commercial space, uninstall your old dishwasher and haul it away. We’ll leave the space cleaner than we found it and ready for the installation of your new appliance. Because we’re dedicated to responsible disposal methods, we’ll even drop your dishwasher off at a donation or recycling center to minimize landfill waste.

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