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Treadmill Disposal in a Jiffy

Treadmill disposal is a tough job - one that you likely don't want to do yourself. So don't! The experts at Jiffy Junk are equipped and trained to take it off of your hands quickly, reliably and professionally. Our treadmill removal services are highly-praised by homeowners and businesses alike. Don't believe us? Read the reviews for yourself!

We Cover All Types of Exercise Equipment Removal

Dealing with unwanted gym equipment like a broken treadmill or elliptical? Jiffy Junk can help.
Our team provides a range of services, including:

  • Treadmill removal
  • Elliptical removal
  • Gym mat removal
  • Training bench removal
  • Stationary bike removal
  • Rowing machine removal
  • Barbell set removal
  • You can leave the heavy lifting to us!


    Why Jiffy Junk

    Jiffy Junk is proud to be the name of the game for exercise equipment removal and disposal services. With a commitment to professionalism and years upon years of industry experience, our business has what it takes to get the treadmill pick up jobs done right. And as evidenced by countless five-star reviews, we have a reputation for doing just that. See the difference for yourself.

    You don't want to work with just any treadmill haul away team. Exercise equipment is big and best handled by professionals who know what they're doing. As fully trained and certified experts, Jiffy Junk's team of movers can properly disassemble and dispose of your treadmill with little hassle. There aren't any dings in walls or risks with us - just reliable results!

    Exercise equipment pick up, like with many jobs involving the disposal of large items, is often subject to local bylaws. Jiffy Junk's specialists are well-versed in the state and federal policies that may pertain to your job and can ensure no environmental or safety risks come from it. Why stress over technicalities when a professional and experienced team like ours can handle them all for you?

    Large items like exercise equipment have the potential to cause serious harm to the environment when disposed of improperly. Not only are they made of unnatural materials, but they contain battery components and other harmful elements. Don't leave your items on the side of the curb - Jiffy Junk's treadmill recycling solutions are a responsible alternative to getting rid of them fast.

    In cases where an item is in good enough condition to be reused, we don't consider ourselves junk haulers, but rather exercise equipment donation pickup specialists. Rather than yours to the landfill, our treadmill donation pick up team will collect any and all items you'd like to donate to a good cause and get them there reliably. We partner with community organizations and groups to ensure your donation goes somewhere that needs it.


    How Our Exercise Equipment Removal Works

    Ready to get that treadmill removal job done once and for all? Start by calling our team for a free quote. They'll ask you for details about your project and provide you with a specific and upfront price to budget for. We aim to keep our services accessible and affordable - there's no runaround with Jiffy Junk.

    Treadmill Removal Cost

    When you call Jiffy Junk for a free exercise equipment removal quote, our team will need to know the size, location and condition of the unit in question.

    Treadmill pick up costs are first and foremost determined by the unit's size and weight. Heavier items that require more lifting power, additional movers, or special equipment are likely to be more expensive. For instance, it would be reasonable to expect a higher fee for treadmill removal than the removal of a small bench.

    You'll also find that treadmill removal cost changes depending on where you're located. It's more expensive for teams to travel longer distances, so expect a higher price if you're farther away. Terrain can also play a role; an upstairs treadmill moved over steep, narrow steps would require more work and cost more than one moved on a flat surface.

    Treadmill removal service providers vary from region to region, and some localities have higher rates than others. Market demand, living expenses and operating costs all factor into this equation.

    For junk removal, service costs increase in tandem with task complexity. An old treadmill pickup, where the mover is required to put in additional time and effort to properly disassemble and move the equipment, would probably cost more than a new or pre-boxed treadmill removal job.

    The cost of your project will also depend on how you'd like to dispose of your unwanted item. While newer equipment is often routed to a charity for donation, many old treadmill removal jobs end with a trip to a local recycling center, which may have fees.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You have a few options when it comes to gym equipment removal. The first is manufacturer recycling programs, which will recycle exercise equipment for you, usually free of charge. Another option is looking for municipal e-waste initiatives that will take your equipment and recycle its components. But for fast and immediate gym equipment removal, we recommend calling a professional hauling service.

    Weight benches are one of many items we commonly handle during exercise equipment removal jobs. These large benches are often difficult to move, as they're built with long frames and can come in many different shapes and sizes. When weighing weight bench removal options, know that this isn't something you want to do yourself; a service provider like Jiffy Junk is best equipped to get the job done.

    When trying to get rid of a treadmill, you may consider doing it yourself to save money. Avoid this if possible; while two people can realistically move a treadmill, not everyone knows how to do it right. You're best suited by contacting a qualified treadmill removal company like Jiffy Junk for professional assistance.

    Yes, in fact many scrap metal dealers purposefully seek out pieces of unwanted gym equipment like treadmills in order to recycle their many valuable components and metals. They typically pay for parts based on current market prices, but some may just make you a fixed offer based on their estimation of the item's worth.

    If you're dealing with a broken treadmill that can't be fixed, the most responsible thing you can do in getting rid of it is recycle. Contact your city or municipality to find out if there's an electronic waste (sometimes called e-waste) recycling program nearby that will take the equipment and recycle its components. You can also call Jiffy Junk for a free quote on moving and disposal services.