Best Method for Disposing of a Sofa

Best Method for Disposing of a Sofa


After years of cozy movie nights and long, lazy days, your sofa is finally ready for the big living room in the sky. Finding a new home for an old sofa can be a tall order, especially one that’s seen better days. Upholstered pieces are notoriously difficult to sell if they’re not valuable antiques, and a heavy sofa can be difficult to maneuver. What should you do?


Finding New Homes for Old Furniture


Sometimes, an old couch is hauled away because it’s falling apart and can’t be salvaged. Other times, perfectly good furniture just isn’t a fit for your space anymore. When you’re dealing with furniture which is still in good condition, it can be tempting to try your luck on the open market.

Listing your sofa on local sale apps and classified ads might net you a few dollars for a used sofa, but you shouldn’t expect to come anywhere close to recovering your initial cost. Because upholstered furniture is difficult to sanitize and can spread bedbugs, many people are hesitant to buy used. Donation is another option, but it’s not common for donation centers to offer pickup services. You’ll have to wrangle an ungainly sofa outside and onto a truck, then transport it yourself.

What about the stained, worn and smelly sofa? The one with holes and sagging cushions? If there’s no saving your couch, you still don’t have to haul it out to a landfill. Polyurethane foam can be harvested from the cushions and metal from the springs. This will require you to find local organizations that reclaim these items, and you’ll probably have to assume responsibility for transportation.

Municipal sanitation services will often offer bulky item pickup on a limited basis, but most require you to make an appointment. When they pick up your old couch, though, they’ll take it straight to the landfill.


Disposing of a Sofa the Quick, Easy and Responsible Way


You don’t want an old couch to take up space in a landfill, and you don’t want to rent a truck to haul it to its final destination. What options are left to you?

Private pickup may seem like a luxury, but it offers a host of time- and labor-saving benefits. Rather than wrestling your old sofa down to the curb, where it will wait to be taken to a landfill, or renting a truck to haul it across town yourself, why not put the whole thing to bed with one phone call?

We serve residential and commercial clients throughout all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk County. Our trained and experienced Jiffy Junk technicians will make quick work of disposing of a sofa. Because we’re dedicated to minimizing environmental impact, we’ll even take your old furniture to the donation center of your choice. If donation isn’t an option, we’ll work to find recycling options which lessen landfill dumping.

Don’t strain your back or stress yourself out over an old sofa you can’t sell and don’t want to haul away.


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