Avoiding the Garbage Dump: NYC Green Disposal

Avoiding the Garbage Dump: NYC Green Disposal


How to you manage a big cleaning, purging or home construction project when you’re determined to keep as much as possible out of the local landfill? While taking on big projects involving lots of waste may seem like a surefire way to increase your impact on the environment in a hurry, even the biggest projects can be made more ecologically responsible. All you have to do is make the right disposal choices.

In a densely populated city filled with waste management options, it can be surprisingly difficult to track down greener disposal plans. Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, though. All you need is a basic understanding of how bulk disposal works, so you’re armed with the information you need to circumvent the landfill at every possible opportunity.


Does DSNY Bulk Pickup Go to the Garbage Dump? NYC Municipal Waste Management


DSNY provides garbage pickup for residential clients, which includes some specialty and bulk item pickup programs. Most require an appointment, and there are rules governing how and where you can dispose of certain items.

Mattresses, for instance, must be placed in special mattress bags to help prevent the spread of bedbugs. You’ll have to purchase these plastic bags yourself as DSNY does not provide them, and failure to do so can net you a $100 fine. Once you’ve bagged your heavy mattress and dragged it down to the curb at the appointed time, it’s on its way to the garbage dump. NYC offers very few options for mattress recycling, and DSNY doesn’t currently transport to those locations.

Appliances, especially those containing coolant, are disposed of in accordance with a variety of local, state and federal laws. Those containing coolant and manufactured before 2010 require appointments through DSNY for special handling to avoid the environmentally-hazardous coolant. The appliances will then be recycled.

Construction wastecan be picked up by special appointment but only if you did all the work without hiring a single professional along the way. DSNY limits the size and number of construction waste bundles you can place out for collection, so it can be a mess if you’re dealing with a moderate-to-large volume. These bundles are also landfill-bound, so it’s not an ideal solution for the ecologically conscious.


Green Bulk Disposal the Easy Way


What if there were a way you could skip the whole process of making appointments, worrying about where your waste ends up and trying to haul it down to the curb for pickup? When you work with professionals who place the highest premium on their commitment to the environment, it’s easier than you think.

At Jiffy Junk, we work hard to keep everything we possibly can out of landfills. Therefore, our white-glove service promise includes donating anything usable to local charities, then diligently working to recycle everything else. We avoid landfill dumping as much as possible, providing clients in all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties with disposal they can feel good about at a reasonable cost.

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