Bulk Trash Removal Solutions in Austin, TX

Bulk Trash Removal Solutions in Austin, TX

Most of the time, regular municipal waste pickup through Austin Resource Recovery is more than sufficient for normal household waste. When it isn’t enough, the city does offer bulk trash removal. Unfortunately, it’s only available twice per year and only on the city’s schedule. Unless you’re able to plan your large cleaning projects around those two days per year, this simply isn’t an effective or efficient solution.

Life doesn’t wait for twice-yearly appointments. Moving, closing an estate or even remodeling projects can be unexpected and usually come with firm deadlines. When you’ve got too much large waste and too little time on your hands, it isn’t always easy to know where to turn. Fortunately, there’s more to bulk disposal in Austin than municipal collection or risky, difficult do-it-yourself hauling.

Why You Should Think Twice About Municipal Bulk Trash Removal

Time constraints and a lack of scheduling flexibility are reasons enough to consider other options for bulk trash removal, but they aren’t the only potential drawbacks. In many ways, working to meet all the guidelines and requirements for this twice-yearly service can feel like a full-time job. Municipal pickup also isn’t quite as green as you might think, considering the emphasis Austin city officials place on their admirable Zero Waste by 2040 goal.

First and foremost, Austin Resource Recovery only sends metal items, household appliances, and passenger vehicle tires to the appropriate recycling facilities. Anything else, including perfectly good nail-free lumber, furniture and most other non-metal items, is taken directly to the landfill despite the City of Austin’s Zero Waste goals. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your cleaning projects, municipal bulk collection methods are likely to give you pause.

Strict collection guidelines can further complicate the process, regardless of environmental ethics. All items must be placed at the curb in front of your Austin home by 6:30am on the first day of a scheduled collection week. All items must be separated into three distinct piles: metal items, passenger car tires, and non-metal items. Discarded appliances must be grouped with metal items, and doors must be removed for safety purposes. Rims must be removed from tires, and each household is limited to eight tires per collection; tractor and truck tires are not accepted.

These three separate piles must be located at the curb, but a minimum of five feet away from mailboxes, trash carts, fences and walls, parked cars, water meters and telephone connection boxes. Items also cannot be placed under low-hanging power lines or tree limbs. If you’re working to dispose of a variety of large items, simply managing to keep items separated yet far enough from all cautioned items while still on the curb can present a spectacular challenge. Don’t be tempted to collect loose items in containers, bags or boxes; they will not be accepted. Austin Resource Recovery restricts bulk items to only those too large to be containerized. This means any bagged items will be considered extra trash by the city, complete with extra trash fees.

Since each pile is collected by separate trucks with their own dedicated routes, all items will not be picked up the same day. Though you’re directed to ensure all items are out for collection by the early morning hours of the first day of bulk collection week, items may sit in front of your home for days waiting to be collected. After doing all the heavy lifting to wrestle items down to the curb, keep them in their separate piles and maintain distance requirements from nearby objects, you may still find yourself staring at unsightly junk piles for days on end.

Making Quick Work of Bulk Trash Removal

No one wants to wait for the two windows of opportunity per year to tackle a big project; sometimes, it’s not even a possibility. You definitely don’t want to invest time and manual labor into hauling items down to the curb only to be forced to work around them for days at a time until they’re collected.

Sometimes, too, the items you want to discard aren’t quite ready for the landfill. Unwanted furniture and household items may no longer be your style, but if they’re still in usable condition, they shouldn’t end up in the local landfill. Donating these items does keep them in the community and out of landfills, but can be just as much work, if not more, than pulling them down to the curb for pickup. Many donation centers lack the resources to provide pickup services for donated items, so you’re responsible for hauling them yourself. If you don’t have access to a truck, then you’re also on the hook for rental and administrative fees, fueling costs and all the manual labor.

Fortunately, there is an easy, efficient and ethical solution for bulk waste removal in Austin any time of the year. Our trained and professional Jiffy Junk removal technicians will come to your home or place of business in Austin to remove unwanted items of any size, no questions asked. We’ll do all the work, even tearing up old carpet and uninstalling unwanted appliances before removing them from your property once and for all. Items in usable condition are separated, then taken to area donation centers to ensure they’re helping families in need rather than clogging a landfill. Everything we can’t donate, we work hard to recycle, because we believe in keeping our environmental impact as small as possible. Because we send so little to the landfill, we’re able to pass along a minimized footprint to our customers.

Our white-glove junk removal services to customers means we don’t just remove bulky items and take them away; we also leave your space swept clean and free of dust bunnies, so you have a truly clean slate waiting for anything you have planned. With a single phone call, you’re able to get rid of almost anything you can imagine in an environmentally-responsible, socially-conscious manner. Call us today to learn more about our greener bulk disposal options, our dedication to customer service and our relationships with local donation centers.


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