Can You Recycle TV Sets?

Can You Recycle TV Sets?


Where do old, broken television sets go when they’re no longer needed? How do you get them to their final destination with minimal fuss? What if you’re dealing with an enormous relic of big-screen proportions?

Whether you’re upgrading an older model, clearing out space filled with things you no longer need, or doing the difficult work of cleaning out an estate, disposing of electronics can be confusing. There may be local, state and federal laws governing how and where you can dispose of certain electronics, and you definitely want to make ethical choices. You don’t want your old TV to end up in a landfill, but how do you make sure that doesn’t happen?


Should You Donate, Dump or Recycle TV Sets?


If there’s any life left at all in your television, you should consider donation as a strong option for disposal. This allows you to get the TV out of your house without sending it to a landfill, while also helping the less fortunate. In some cases, though, donation may be a challenge. These days, an old analog set requires a digital converter box to operate. Some donation centers will not accept analog televisions, so you may be forced to consider other options.

This is where it becomes essential to understand why dumping a TV in a landfill is an irresponsible and unethical choice, particularly when you’re dealing with an old cathode ray tube (CRT) model. These sets contain substantial amounts of lead, mercury and cadmium, among other toxic materials. Many front-projection models even contain radioactive isotopes.

Knowing the danger of dumping an old TV, it’s vital to recycle TV sets you’re not able to donate.


How to Get Rid of an Old Television Quickly and Safely


If you’re purchasing a new model, some retailers do offer pickup services for recycling. If you’re not upgrading an old set, or not working with a retailer who offers guaranteed recycling, you’re left to navigate the process on your own. Of the retailers who do provide recycling services, many charge an extra fee and most have size restrictions in place, which could make it difficult if your TV is a large model.

Tracking down the right recycling center is the first hurdle. Once it’s cleared, you’ll have to arrange transport. Electronics recycling facilities rarely offer pickup services, and scheduling through your municipal trash service can be a long and complicated process. If the set ready for recycling is an old big-screen model, it’s going to be heavy, ungainly and awkward to move. In the end, you’ll spend hours trying to secure transport, locating the right facility and finding help to load such a monstrosity onto a borrowed or rented truck.

What if you could dispose of an old TV with little more than a single phone call, with full assurance that your television will either be donated or recycled in a reputable facility in accordance with all environmental guidelines?

Our trained and experienced Jiffy Junk technicians make quick work of television disposal, coming to your home or business throughout the Nassau and Suffolk Counties area to offer white-glove service. We’ll disconnect your old set and haul it to a reputable recycling or donation center. We’ll even sweep up any debris to ensure your space is left clean.

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