Too Big for Trash Pick Up: NYC Disposal Solutions

Too Big for Trash Pick Up: NYC Disposal Solutions


Furniture, appliances and construction waste, oh my! What do you do when you’ve got something to get rid of and it certainly won’t fit in the curbside bin? In a densely populated city, large-scale waste management can be daunting. Find out what your options are for bulk disposal, so you can choose the one best suited to your needs.


Trash Pick Up, NYC Rules and You


There’s more to getting rid of bulk waste than setting it on the curb. Depending on what kind of things you’re trying to remove from your space, you may need to make special arrangements.

Refrigerated appliances and mattresses are great examples of how complex disposal requirements can be. Local, state and federal laws all apply, so you’ll need to make sure you’re familiar with all the ins and outs before you attempt DIY disposal.

Appliances manufactured before 2010 containing coolant almost certainly use an environmentally-hazardous coolant compound that has since been phased out under federal guidelines. You’ll have to make sure hinges and locking mechanisms are removed, per local and state laws, then arrange for coolant removal before attempting to recycle the appliance. DSNY will come pick these older appliances up by appointment, but you’ll have to make the appropriate arrangements.

If you have a refrigerated appliance or air conditioner manufactured after 2010, you’re not necessarily out of the woods. The replacement coolant is highly flammable, so most municipal pickup services won’t touch these appliances at all. You’re left to work with professionals or contact the manufacturer for disposal assistance.

Mattresses can be dropped off for recycling at a very limited number of private recycling facilities, but DSNY does not deliver to these locations. You’ll need to purchase specialty bags for all mattresses, including futons, or you’ll face a $100 fine. For anything larger than 4’x3’, you’ll also need to make an appointment for DSNY pickup for non-recycled disposal, then haul it down to the curb yourself. If you want to limit landfill impact, hassle and heavy lifting, this is far from an ideal solution.


Simplifying Large Item Disposal


You don’t want to become an expert in disposal law or risk your back trying to lift and haul heavy items to mysterious drop-off locations. When it comes to trash pick up, NYC offers a few eco-friendly and efficient options.

Our mission at Jiffy Junk is to provide true white-glove services to residential and commercial clients throughout all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We’ll sort and manage your recyclables all the way to the appropriate drop-off location, then we’ll drop off any usable items at donation centers to further minimize landfill impact. We’re committed to more ethical and responsible disposal across the board, with no job too large or too small.

We’ll leave your space swept clean and ready for anything you have planned. No fuss, no stress, no fines and no heavy lifting required. Cleaning, remodeling and organizing are difficult enough on their own; let us take the stress of waste management off your plate altogether.

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