What You Should Know About Cheap Rubbish Removal in Palm Beach County

What You Should Know About Cheap Rubbish Removal in Palm Beach County


Finding a disposal solution for large items in Palm Beach County is as easy as placing them at the curb twice per week alongside your household waste, right? Not so fast. Changes to county ordinances go into effect October 1, 2019, that will halve bulk collection days from two per week to a single day. New limits will also be enforced, with each household allowed no more than three large items each collection period.

Where do you turn when you’re in the middle of a large project, one sure to yield more than three pieces of furniture or appliances? How do you manage a significant amount of waste? Tasks like closing the estate of a departed family member, purging items you no longer want or need before a big move, or working to restore a damaged rental unit come with built-in deadlines. 

They also generate no small amount of trash and unwanted items. There’s more to closing an estate than getting rid of furniture no one has claimed. For instance, what do you do with the enormous volume of small items? You can quickly fill a curbside cart with the discarded contents of just a single room or less. When it’s not practical to spread your entire waste pile over several weeks of disposal, three items at a time, municipal waste management simply won’t fit the bill. Private waste management is your best and most effective option, but not all private haulers are created equal. Find out why some cheap rubbish removal options may be less suited to your needs than others, and why it pays to do a bit of research before settling on a rubbish management solution.


The Dark Side of Cheap Rubbish Removal


Anyone with a truck can come to your home or place of business to haul away things you no longer want or need, but are you truly getting the best value for your dollar? If you’re doing all the manual labor on the front end and a hauler is picking everything up at the curb, you’re heavily investing in a service you’re also paying for at the end of the day. Often, it’s a better value to work with a more comprehensive service provider, one who has a reputation for being scrupulous when it comes to the ecological impact of doing business in the waste management industry. When considering the value of your time, your dollar and minimizing your environmental impact, you may want to take a closer look at the philosophy of your cheap rubbish removal service.

Time really is money, especially when you’re in the middle of a very large, very demanding and very time-sensitive project. When you work with budget haulers who require you to move unwanted items down to the curb just like municipal collection crews and do all the sorting for them, you’re forced to invest a substantial amount of time and energy into dealing with detritus when you should be managing aspects of your project no one else can handle. By taking on the task of wrestling ungainly and heavy items down to the curb, you’re also assuming the risk of injury, which can sideline you for days or even weeks. When every minute counts, you truly can’t afford to waste time on injuries and trash sorting.

There’s also the seedy underbelly of cheap rubbish removal to consider. It’s everyone’s job to make sustainable disposal choices, but budget waste removal services focus on volume over sustainability. With exceptions sometimes made for items required to be recycled by state, local or federal law, most of what these haulers collect will often make its way directly to the nearest landfill. Even items still in usable condition may be dumped, with no regard for donation centers or minimizing landfill impact. 

Partnering with a full-service waste hauler who prioritizes greener disposal options can help you not only completely outsource waste management for peak efficiency, but also to ensure earth-first disposal practices. In the end, you’re able to make sure you never have to sacrifice your integrity or your principles in order to meet your deadlines.


Finding Greener, More Sustainable Bulk Disposal Solutions in Palm Beach County


Jiffy Junk is a full-service private waste management provider in Palm Beach County dedicated to sustainable disposal and greener hauling solutions. Our extensively trained and knowledgeable removal technicians provide white-glove removal to residential and commercial clients throughout the area, all with a focus on environmental best practices and social responsibility.

When we provide removal services, we separate anything in usable condition for transport to area charitable donation centers to ensure those items stay out of the landfill. Instead, they stay in the community where they can be of help to families and organizations in need. 

For anything we can’t donate, we look for sustainable disposal solutions that do not include landfill dumping, whenever possible. Our focus on minimizing our landfill impact allows us to pass along that minimized footprint to our customers, meaning you’re able to enjoy a clear conscience when  your project is done. 

Our white-glove service promise means we do all the heavy lifting, too. You don’t have to drag heavy appliances and furniture down to the curb. We’ll uninstall appliances before hauling them to the nearest recycling center. We’ll even tear up old carpeting and padding, working hard to minimize the physical labor investment required on your part so you can spend your time focusing on the aspects of your project only you can manage. 

Don’t let changes to Solid Waste Authority policies or the questionable ethics of some cheap rubbish removal services leave you in a panic about the future of your large cleaning project. With a single phone call, we can help you turn even the largest and most difficult mess into just another check mark on your to-do list. Contact Jiffy Junk today. Find out how our eco-conscious policies, paired with our customer-first philosophy, make dealing with an overwhelming mess the work of a moment.

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