Choosing Between Broward County Junk Hauling Companies


Do you want to clean out your garage or are you moving your Broward County business and need junk removal? When you need appliances, furniture and other unwanted items removed and hauled away, there are a few junk hauling companies you can choose from in Broward County. At Jiffy Junk, we believe we can offer you the best service and value when you need junk removed. Here’s why you should call us when you need a junk removal service in Broward County.


Careful Appliance Removal


Do you have ranges, refrigerators, freezers or office appliances removed? Our Jiffy Junk techs will come to your home or business and haul away those large, unwieldly appliances. Our techs will unplug and disconnect your appliances and carefully remove them from the premises. We take extra precautions to ensure your property is not damaged as we go through tight doorways and down stairways. While other junk hauling companies may remove and haul away your appliances, not all are as careful and respectful of your property during the process.


Furniture Haul Away


When you have a couch that you no longer need or a broken bed that is taking up space, Jiffy Junk will come to your location for fast furniture haul away. Even if you live on the fourth floor of an apartment complex, we will retrieve your unwanted furniture and haul it away to the appropriate disposal site. If furniture is still useable, we can bring it to a donation site for a local Broward County charity. Jiffy Junk is your trusted choice for furniture removal, recycling or finding places that will reuse your used furniture whenever possible to keep it out of landfills.


We Will Bag Your Junk


Do you have a house or business that needs complete cleanup? Jiffy Junk is your source for complete cleanup, even when you have loose garbage and debris. Our crews will come in and bag up the loose garbage and haul it away. We can save you the time and hassle of cleaning up the leftover mess after a move or in a rental cleanout. When we are done removing all the debris, furniture and other items, we will broom-clean the room for the final touch.


Construction Site Debris Cleanup


Whether you are performing a home improvement project or have a construction business, when you need construction site debris cleanup in Broward County, call Jiffy Junk. We have the professional crews and equipment to provide thorough construction site debris cleanup. Whether you need glass, wood or metal removed, our team will be there to clear up the mess and haul it to a local recycling or disposal site. We make it easier for you to finish your construction work without worrying about cleanup, taking away your leftover debris.


Carpet Removal


Is it time to replace your old carpet? Removing carpet can be a tedious and awkward process. Jiffy Junk does more than just haul away bagged garbage, furniture or appliances like some junk hauling companies, we also perform carpet removal. Our techs can rip out old carpet, padding and tack strips, rolling it up and removing it from your home or business. We do much more than just haul it away. We do the complete removal from start to finish, including sweeping up any dirt or debris once the carpet is gone.


Hot Tub Haul Away


One of the most extensive haul-away issues is hot tub disposal. Not only are these appliances extremely large, they can make a big mess if removed incorrectly. Jiffy Junk is the company you can trust for hot tub haul away. We do not need to cut up the fiberglass like other companies do – we have the right equipment to remove the entire hot tub to eliminate the mess that cutting fiberglass can make. We will drain, unhook and lift out old hot tubs and haul them to an appropriate disposal facility.


Recycling and Charitable Donations


Whenever possible, Jiffy Junk recycles your junk to avoid unnecessary additions to landfills. While some junk hauling companies may bring all junk to a landfill, we sort out the recyclable materials and useable items. We make multiple trips to recycling centers and charitable donation drop-off sites to reduce excess waste in our landfills. It is important to us to make sure electronics, appliances and other items are properly recycled or reused. We are the green choice when you need junk removed from your home or business in Broward County.


Our White Glove Treatment


There are many companies that will come remove your unwanted items and haul them away, but not all will leave your area clean like Jiffy Junk. When you hire us to clean out your garage or perform an office cleanout, we will remove all the junk and give you our White Glove Treatment when we are through. We broom-clean the space whenever we provide a haul-away service. It is one of the extra benefits we provide that differentiates us from some of the other junk haulers in the area.


Competitive Rates


When comparing Broward County junk hauling companies, you will want to check rates. Jiffy Junk offers competitive aggressive rates paired with our wide selection of services. When you consider the quality of service, we are the best choice for your money. We are licensed and insured, offering a wide variety of haul-away and removal services for a great price. You can call our office for a free quote or estimate to compare our rates with other junk haulers in the area.


The Best of Junk Hauling Companies in Broward County


When you need a reliable junk removal and hauling company in Broward Country, choose the best service for your needs. Jiffy Junk has an excellent reputation for professional cleaning, removal and hauling of unwanted items for residents and business owners in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs and other communities in Broward County. Call us the next time you need furniture, appliance, hot tub, electronics or carpet removal and haul away in Broward County.


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