Construction Debris & Concrete: Junk Removal for Renovation in Broward County

Construction Debris & Concrete: Junk Removal for Renovation in Broward County


You finally have enough time on your hands to finish a long-neglected home improvement project, but that also means working to find the right disposal solution. With the right planning, you can turn this downtime into a productive experience by improving the quality of your living space. After all, few things highlight the need for some sprucing up like an extended stint in the house. Where do you turn for large-scale demolition debris and concrete junk removal when so many service providers are closed? How can you ensure the safety of your worksite without keeping it clear of potentially dangerous debris and tripping hazards?

Navigating the large-scale disposal process can almost be more stressful and more difficult than completing the rest of your project. It doesn’t have to be this way. With a bit of preplanning and a basic understanding of your options, you’re able to find waste management that suits your specific needs.


What are My Construction and Concrete Junk Removal Options?


At first blush, the same municipal waste management you rely on for household trash should seem like the best option. After all, household trash removal doesn’t come with any surprise fees or hidden costs. Scratch the surface, though, and you may find that municipal services are less suited to your needs than you might expect.

Unfortunately, for Broward County residents, it’s not quite as simple as wheeling waste down to the curb alongside household trash and awaiting trouble-free pickup. Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County does provide bulk collection once per month, but there are strict limits on what can and cannot be placed out for collection. While furniture and household appliances are accepted, municipal waste management technicians will not accept construction or demolition waste, including concrete. Junk removal also tends to be a requirement for a big remodeling job, but you’ll want to consider the implications of utilizing municipal services to meet these needs.

Even if you take the construction and demolition waste out of the equation, Solid Waste and Recycling Services may not be your best bet for disposal. This especially holds true if you’re determined to minimize the environmental impact of your project. Even furniture and household items in good condition are taken to the landfill when they’re collected by the county. If you’re planning to get rid of a few castoff pieces of furniture as part of your remodeling project, this is not the greenest or the most efficient path to choose.

Broward County’s landfill needs are served by a facility officially named the Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park, but better known as “Mount Trashmore.” One of the highest manmade landforms in the entire state of Florida, Monarch Hill currently processes about 3,500 tons of waste per day. With only 23 acres of space left to accept waste before existing structures must be demolished, it’s important to minimize landfill impact wherever possible.

You also don’t want to rely on a handful of different disposal solutions for a single project. Streamlining everything is the key to productivity; hauling some items yourself, working with the pros for unmanageable ones and working within the municipal framework is inefficient. You want to make quick work of your remodel, keep your environmental impact to a minimum and make sure every penny is spent wisely.

For this reason, it’s often best across the board to work with a reputable private hauler who shares your dedication to environmental responsibility. A one-stop solution makes it easier to keep track of everything, but it also minimizes your contact risk at a time when doing so is imperative.


Combining Disposal for Concrete, Junk Hauling and Environmental Responsibility


At Jiffy Junk, we understand the need to keep disposal as cost-effective, quick and sustainable as possible. We also know that these difficult times require innovative practices, so we’re offering new options for home renovation waste management and junk removal.

When we come to help you manage the unwanted items and debris from a home improvement project, we first make sure to separate any items in usable condition, like furniture and household goods. These items aren’t taken to a recycling or disposal center, but to local donation centers serving people or organizations in need. This helps us keep your stuff out of a landfill, and in the community where it can be of aid.

Anything we can’t donate for you, we take to recycling facilities or seek out greener disposal alternatives to landfill dumping wherever possible. This allows you to feel good about your waste management choices, and to enjoy your new space with a clean conscience. You don’t even have to worry about your own physical impact; we’ll remove heavy furniture, tear out old carpeting and uninstall your unwanted appliances as part of the job, no questions asked.

Because we know that it’s not always easy to navigate the age of social distancing, we’re providing our customers with a few different options. Gloves and N95 breathing protection are the uniform standard for all full-service removal jobs, but we have full Tyvek suits available upon request. We also provide truly contact-free service consisting of over-the-phone quotes and payment, and removal from any spot on your property. There’s no need to sort your waste, just drag it outside and we’ll do the rest.

Because sanitation is imperative during a pandemic, we’ve added whole-home sanitation services. With hospital-grade, no-rinse disinfectant, we’re able to quickly and effectively sanitize all hard surfaces in your home. Our EPA-registered formula is non-bleach, non-corrosive and non-chlorine to keep you safe while substantially reducing infection risks as a pandemic rages across the world.

Together, we can make the most of this difficult time. You can rest assured that your health and that of the environment is at the center of everything we do. Call or contact us today to learn more about our customer-first approach to large-scale waste management, our commitment to environmental best practices and all the ways we can streamline your home improvement project.


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