What is Considered Bulk Trash?

What is Considered Bulk Trash?

When the extent of your experience with waste management consists of separating your recyclables from unrecyclable household garbage, it’s not always easy to know what is considered bulk trash versus what’s considered regular waste. If you’re working on a project you expect to generate a lot more garbage than normal, it pays to brush up on what you can tip into the curbside bin and what you can’t.

While rules, regulations and legal requirements will vary from one area to the next, bulk trash generally consists of things you can’t fit into those bins. This can be everything from appliances to old furniture, and different types of bulk waste must be handled in different ways. State and local laws may mandate, for instance, that all electronic waste be sent to designated recycling centers. When you’ve got a wide array of large items, sorting it all can quickly become a complicated situation.

For a stress-free experience in managing and disposing of bulk trash, including large appliances, furniture, and various other items, consider utilizing junk removal services offered by Jiffy Junk. These services are designed to simplify your waste management tasks while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. Additionally, for projects that generate a significant amount of construction waste or yard debris, our debris removal services are an excellent option, providing a comprehensive solution for efficiently clearing and cleaning properties laden with different types of waste and debris.

What Is Considered Bulk Trash and How to Manage It Effectively

Every project is unique, but there are some things which will almost always be considered bulk waste and will require special handling.

Appliances are a great example of bulk waste, because they’ll always be too large and ungainly to sit out by the curb for weekly pickup. Some, particularly those containing any type of refrigerant, will require special handling.

Things like refrigerators and air conditioners contain coolants and must always be treated with care. If they were manufactured prior to 2010, they almost certainly contain a type of coolant which has since been targeted for phase-out under federal law and Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. Before they can be recycled, the coolant must be carefully removed by a professional to mitigate the effects of hazardous chemicals.

What about old furniture, mattresses, construction waste or lawn debris? While your municipal sanitation department likely offers special services for pickup, these items aren’t suitable for regular pickup. You’ll need to work with your local provider to determine the guidelines for removal and will likely need to make appointments for these items to be removed. There may be limits to how often you can schedule special pickup, as well.

De-Mystifying Bulk Waste

You can invest hours of your time into researching what your regular waste management provider will and will not accept, along with their rules for processing and scheduling. Of course, if you’re on a tight deadline, time really is money. You can also take matters into your own hands by hauling items away yourself, but you’ll still need to make sure you’re taking them to the right place while fully complying with all applicable laws.

At Jiffy Junk, we place a high value on your time and peace of mind. This is why our trained technicians come to your home or commercial property anywhere in the five boroughs, Nassau or Suffolk County. We’ll take away all your bulk waste, no special arrangements required. From appliances containing coolant to old mattresses from an estate cleanout, we’ll take everything in one trip, so you never have to worry about sorting hazardous waste or dealing with legal compliance. Because we’re as committed to the planet as we are to our valued clients, we’ll take serviceable items to the donation center of your choice before finding the greenest possible disposal solutions for everything else to minimize environmental impact.

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