End the Season with Garden Rubbish Removal

End the Season with Garden Rubbish Removal


When you look around your lawn and garden, do you see the detritus of a summer well-enjoyed? Summer’s end has officially come and gone, bringing the beauty of turning leaves and crisp breezes. While you’re enjoying the changing seasons, it’s wise to keep planning for the future. A bit of maintenance and cleanup now can make for a much easier and more enjoyable spring, which leads to more time for fun and games during the dog days of summer next time around.


Getting Ready for Winter


While your particular lawn will have unique and individual needs, there are some fairly standard tasks that should be addressed by most homeowners. You’d be surprised by how much of spring and summer’s curb appeal is dependent on proper fall maintenance and winter preparation.

  • The riotous colors of fallen leaves definitely make a breathtaking blanket for your lawn, but it’s not one you’ll want to leave lying for long. A thick blanket of leaves will trap moisture while blocking airflow and sunlight, which can leave you with stunted and patchy grass come spring.
  • Once the leaves are raked and bagged, it’s a good idea to seed and feed your lawn for optimal growth next season. Pay special attention to any bald spots resulting from last year’s leaf cover.
  • Trees and large shrubs can present problems of their own through the cold season, particularly if they’re damaged by winter weather. Take this opportunity to prune trees and shrubs, paying close attention to any dead or dying limbs along the way.
  • Give all your garden beds a clean sweep so they’re ready for your spring perennials and not insects or fungi, weeds and dead plants.
  • If you have a pool, this is the time to cover and winterize it. During this process, get leaking floats and damaged pool toys ready for disposal.


Rubbish Removal: The Final Step


You’ve raked and bagged the leaves, cleared out and gathered the debris. Now, all that’s left is rubbish removal and taking a deep breath of the autumn air. If you’re like most busy homeowners, you’ve already invested a big chunk of your free time into cleanup and prep. You don’t have time to track down green disposal drop-off locations, and may not have access to a truck to load all of your garden rubbish. Never fear, there’s a quick, efficient and high-value alternative to managing your own waste disposal, and it doesn’t require navigating the bureaucratic red tape of municipal special pickup systems.

Home and business owners throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties rely on our seasoned, professional Jiffy Junk technicians for just about any kind of disposal project, large or small. Our white-glove services leave your indoor and outdoor spaces not only clutter free, but also swept clean and looking beautiful. Because we’re committed to ethical, responsible disposal, we also offer our personal guarantee that all rubbish is recycled or donated whenever possible. Landfill dumping is always a last resort, so you can feel good about getting your lawn ready for winter with quality, dependable waste pickup services.


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