Efficient and Ethical Garage Junk Removal in Austin

Efficient and Ethical Garage Junk Removal in Austin


Do your vehicles live in the driveway or, even worse, parked at the curb, because your garage is full to bursting? If you’re healthy and self-isolating to help flatten the curve, then there’s no better time to start tackling those projects you’ve been putting off around the house. What are you supposed to do with all the things you no longer need or want?

When you start weighing all your garage junk removal options in Austin, you may be surprised to learn just how much there is to consider before making a choice. From schedules to sustainability, waste management can come with more moving parts than just about anything else on your project to-do list. Fortunately, arming yourself with a bit of knowledge before work begins can help you turn even the largest and most overwhelming junk piles into just a memory.


Where to Find Austin Garage Junk Removal


Cleaning out the garage does mean finding forgotten gems you’re excited to put back into use, but more often it means finding more to throw away than you ever dreamed possible. From outgrown clothing to castoff household goods, garages tend to become repositories for things we just don’t have time to deal with immediately. With nothing but time on your hands, reclaiming all that space can be an exciting proposition, but it can also be a daunting one.

The first step to planning a successful cleaning and organization project is to research disposal options. After all, there’s no use clearing out junk if there’s nowhere for it to go at the end of the day. While your first thought may be of the municipal waste management service providers who handle household waste, Austin Resource Recovery may not be the best fit.

First, scheduling is likely to be a challenge. ARR provides bulk collection to residential customers twice each year, with the designated week for each area chosen by the City. This means you may have to wait up to six full months for access to bulk disposal, and even then, it may not fit the bill. Despite a Zero Waste by 2040 goal, for instance, Austin Resource Recovery currently has no infrastructure in place to divert furniture and household items in usable condition from area landfills. In fact, only metal and passenger vehicle tires are taken to a recycling facility. There are also a host of restrictions governing what can and cannot be placed out for collection.

Because bulk collection is specifically intended for items too large to fit into containers, any bags, bins or other containerized waste will be considered extra trash. As such, they’ll be subject to extra trash fees. Items must not be placed within five feet of walls, parked vehicles, utility meter boxes, fire hydrants and other structures. Since different types of waste are collected by different trucks, you’ll also have to make sure your waste is separated into three distinct piles: metal items (including appliances), non-metal items and passenger vehicle tires. Any tires placed out for collection must be removed from their rims.

To further complicate the process of placing items out for bulk disposal, all three of these piles must be clear of any low-hanging tree limbs or power lines. This means you must be able to manage all the heavy lifting required to get your items down to the curb yourself, as there is no full-service collection option through Austin Resource Recovery.

Rather than jumping through all these hoops, you may find yourself tempted to simply work on hauling it all yourself. Unless you have a large enough vehicle, however, you’ll have to keep transportation in mind at a time when officials urge residents to stay home whenever possible. You’ll also still be on the hook for all the lifting, and social distancing means you shouldn’t ask friends or relatives for assistance.

In the end, the most efficient, cost-effective and ethical option is working with a professional hauler who specializes in greener garage junk removal.


Overhauling Your Garage Junk Removal Project


You want removal services you can count on at a time when nothing feels simple. At Jiffy Junk, we understand you can’t wait half a year for hauling if you’re trying to make the most of a temporary shutdown. We also share your dedication to making the best disposal choices for the planet, so you can feel confident about your environmental impact along the way.

When we come to help you make quick work of a big garage cleanout project, we take a different approach than some other private service providers. First, we separate anything in usable condition to ensure it is transported to a donation center, not the local landfill. We work to find sustainable disposal solutions for anything we can’t donate, because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Our full-service, white-glove promise also means you never have to do any lifting, tugging and pulling. Experienced and knowledgeable removal technicians will uninstall appliances, tear out flooring and move even the heaviest items.

N95 breathing protection and gloves are uniform standard for all removal technicians, but we also provide full Tyvek suits upon customer request, so you can feel comfortable you’re protected during a pandemic. Because we understand that there may be times when fully contactless removal is preferred, we offer over-the-phone quotes and payment processing. We’ll pick up your unwanted items from wherever you feel best leaving them, even right outside the garage door. No need to worry about sorting, we’ll do it for you with no need for interaction.

We’re here to help on your schedule, not in six months. We’ll remove just about anything you can imagine, regardless of whether or not it fits in a container. Our comprehensive approach to waste management means you’re able to focus on everything but disposal when you outsource it to Jiffy Junk. Call us today to learn more about how we’re helping Austinites navigate large-scale disposal in the era of social distancing. Together, we can make the most of a troubling time while keeping your projects as green and sustainable as possible.

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