Event Clean Up Services

Event Clean Up Services


When the party’s over and everyone leaves, who cleans up the mess?

When you’re celebrating a milestone or coordinating an important event, the last thing you want to worry about is making sure the venue is clean and orderly when you’re finished. Planning a single event can require months of preparation, from securing a venue to organizing vendors and providing entertainment. When you’re working out all the moving parts, make sure you remember the importance of leaving your chosen venue in clean, orderly shape to avoid exorbitant cleaning fees or tension.


Why Hire Professional Cleaning for Special Events?


As the person in charge of a special event, you have a lot of responsibilities. When you’re dealing with the hiccups and last-minute changes that will inevitably arise, you’re not going to have time to make sure the space is being kept clean for the run of your event. Working with professionals allows you to outsource  the clean up services, freeing you up to focus on more specialized issues.

It’s also wise to consider the implications of food and beverage waste, in particular. Food waste can become unpleasantly smelly faster than you might think, and sugary beverages can quickly draw pests. Spills are a concern, particularly for catered events, because they can pose a fall risk. You need to be able to ensure the speedy removal of catering waste.

Safety risks aside, you have a vested interest in ensuring your attendees perceive the event to be well organized and running smoothly. Overflowing recycling bins or garbage receptacles send the message that the room is not being actively managed. From the minute guests arrive until the floor is swept and the doors are locked, you need to be able to maintain a clean and orderly appearance throughout the venue.


Clean Up Services for After the Event


When your event ends, there’s a strong chance the venue will house a substantial amount of refuse. Decorations, disposable flatware and table linens, and other items of their ilk will have officially outlived their usefulness. Clearing out and hauling away these items, in addition to the garbage generated by guests and food services, can become a bigger job than you anticipate. Instead of sorting through everything and making a number of trips to separate facilities, call in the professionals. You’ll save time, labor and effort while making sure everything is done right the first time.

For your event in Nassau or Suffolk Counties, why not rely on professional cleaners with a reputation you know and a name you trust? Jiffy Junk technicians understand perfectly the importance of leaving an event venue in top shape, which is why we offer white-glove services. We’ll haul away everything left from your event, recycle anything capable of being recycled and donate anything useful to appropriate organizations. Instead of sending everything to a landfill, you’re able to make responsible, ethical and socially conscious choices regarding your event clean-up services. Let us help you ensure the success of your special event.

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