Everything You Need to Know About Garbage Pick Up in Austin, TX

Everything You Need to Know About Garbage Pick Up in Austin, TX


No matter how hard you try to reduce your waste impact, there will likely be times when you need to dispose of something. When it comes to garbage pick up in Austin, TX, it’s important to know the city is actively working towards a Zero Waste goal. This means there’s a larger-than-average emphasis on sustainable disposal systems, with fewer items destined for the landfill than many cities of comparable size. There are collection services for regular household waste, landscaping waste, clothing and housewares, all with varying schedules, but not everything is destined for recycling or recovery.


How Austin Handles Municipal Waste Management


Residential customers in the Austin Resource Recovery area can take advantage of weekly household trash collection, yard trimming and curbside composting. Every other week, recycling, clothing and homewares are picked up. Twice each year, large brush and bulk items are removed from residential customers’ properties.

 Items picked up for recycling, clothing and homewares do not make their way to the landfill, but it’s important to understand that furniture items placed out for twice-yearly bulk collection are not recycled. They’re special garbage pick up; Austin, TX, does not yet have the infrastructure in place to recycle furniture and it is not donated. When you drag an old sofa or a serviceable but unwanted bookshelf down to the curb, they both go straight to the landfill.

Because bulk items are only picked up twice each year, it can also be very difficult to manage large projects on a more flexible schedule. Whether you’re reclaiming space in an unused room filled with odds and ends or you’re ready to have room for your car in the garage, you’ll have to wait until one of your two annual bulk pick up days rolls around to start the project.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work around such a regimented schedule. There are times when you need large-scale waste removal services on your schedule. 


Managing the Closure of an Estate


Managing the estate of a loved one is never an easy task, but it can be particularly difficult to dispose of the things those who are left behind don’t want or need. Getting a home ready for the rental or real estate market or working to get it ready for any new occupant means clearing away everything. From furniture to small items, you need to be able to square everything away in a reasonable amount of time. Waiting up to six months for the next pickup date simply isn’t an option.


Cleaning Out a Rental Property


When careless renters leave your property in a mess, every day it’s not on the market is a day you lose money. You need abandoned garbage removed quickly so you can get your property back in peak condition and ready for more respectful tenants. We provide rental cleanout services of the highest degree, emphasizing green disposal while still leaving your space swept clean and dust-free.


Emptying a Storage Unit


Paying for a storage unit for months or years on end can be shockingly expensive. More often than not, people end up paying to store items they never find themselves with a use for when it’s all said and done. If items have been taking up expensive space in a rented storage unit for months and you know you’ll never need them, you want to dispose of them so you can stop paying rent on a storage unit. 


Final Moving Clean Up


Whether you’re turning your home over to the new owners or you’re just trying to earn back your security deposit, moving clean-up is a serious matter. When you have until the end of the month to have everything sparkling, a twice-yearly pickup for bulk items simply won’t be enough. Time really is money, and sometimes it makes more financial sense to call in a private hauling company that can help you get rid of everything in one fell swoop.


Renovation and Remodeling Waste Management


Getting rid of construction waste isn’t easy if you’re not working with a general contractor who offers cleanup and disposal. There is no residential collection for the rubble and waste generated by home improvement, construction and renovation projects, and waste scattered around a worksite is a recipe for disaster. Keeping work areas clear not only keeps everyone safe but also minimizes productivity issues.


Eco-Friendly Bulk Garbage Pick Up: Austin, TX


When you need to get rid of more than you can fit in a weekly pickup bin, it’s important to know where to turn for ecologically responsible disposal. While any private hauler can come to your home or place of business to remove waste, not all make a concerted effort to work toward sustainability.

At Jiffy Junk, our entire business model is built around ensuring that the people who use are services are able to be happy with their clear spaces and clear consciences. We separate everything we remove from our clients’ homes, delivering items in usable condition to local donation centers to keep them out of the landfill and in the hands of people who need them. Everything else is recycled whenever possible, as we work diligently to pass on a small landfill footprint to our clients.

When household waste management isn’t going to fit the bill, let us help you make quick work of a big mess in a manner you can feel good about. Our trained, expert technicians will come to your home or place of business to remove items from where they’re sitting, which means you never have to wrestle heavy items down to the curb or risk injuring yourself trying to manage bulky waste on your own. We’ll uninstall appliances and tear out carpeting for disposal, clearing the way for whatever you have planned so meticulously. We even target the dust bunnies. Our white-glove, full-service removal means you’re able to manage a wide variety of waste with a single phone call and a single appointment; you never have to work around a municipal schedule or split projects into phases to accommodate bulk garbage pick up in Austin, TX.

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