What to Expect from an Apartment Cleanout Service

What to Expect from an Apartment Cleanout Service

It’s tempting to assume that moving from or cleaning out an apartment is easier or less complicated than emptying out an entire house. Regardless of the type of home lived in, we all use basically the same furniture, the same kitchen and laundry appliances, have full wardrobes of clothes, and own various electronic, utility, entertainment, storage, sentimental and décor items. Houses come in all sizes and so do apartments. So what steps and challenges might be involved when cleaning out your living space, and an apartment in particular? There are many considerations to address when deciding to do the cleanout yourself or to hire an cleanout service

Consider the Reason for Cleaning Out the Apartment

There are many circumstances in which one might need to clear out an apartment living space:

  1. The happiest one is moving to another home. You need to clear out your own personal possessions to another waiting home.
  2. You own a condo that has been recently vacated by the previous tenants, but they left a lot of stuff. Perhaps they got evicted. Perhaps they just ran out of time or felt it was easier to leave a lot of junk on your hands.You will absorb their deposit for that, but you still need to remove and dispose of the items remaining before you can rent it out again.
  3. A family member is afflicted with a hoarding problem, and your family is helping them make changes, beginning with clearing out the apartment to clean and pare down possessions.
  4. A loved one has passed and it’s time to clear out their apartment.

You Are Moving

With an apartment, there is less likely wiggle room regarding the date you must have everything out to avoid paying additional fees, getting back your deposit and/or avoiding paying for another month of rent. This of course is a positive event, especially if the new place you are moving too affords more space or more affordable monthly rent, or you must relocate to accommodate a new job. It’s also possible that you’ve finally been able to purchase a house or condo.  In all these scenarios it’s important to act fast.  If you’ve lived in your apartment for a long time, you will have accumulated quite a few possessions. You are probably storing some unwanted or obsolete items that need to be disposed of. When that move out day comes, it’s always hectic, and last-minute decisions regarding what you can take are frustrating. Do you really want to make the effort to move those boxes of storage items that you can’t remember using for some time? This is also a good time to sift through clothes and personal items. The rule is often advised to only keep what you’ve used within the past year. You don’t want to move useless junk to the new place.  You’re carrying out your possessions to a truck for the move already- what a backbreaking time moving can be! Wouldn’t it be nice to not worry about the junk you won’t keep, to not have to carry it out of the apartment, or down all those winding stairs? Jiffy Junk can pick up your unwanted items directly from the apartment for you, load it onto their own truck and get it out of your way!

Tenant Eviction or Sudden Moving Out

There are many situations in which landlords find a tenant has had to move suddenly without much notice or has disappeared quickly, leaving many items in their apartment for you to deal with. Perhaps you evicted them, and this is their final indignation. Perhaps your tenant had a family or work emergency requiring them to leave suddenly. Often, new hires have a time limit for a new position and need to relocate within days. In these situations, tenants often decide that losing their deposit is worth the time and effort they save by not taking their junk items with them, making it now your time and effort at stake. You need to get this place cleared out, so you can do the proper maintenance to the place in preparation to rent it out again. This takes time, and time is money, not to mention the question of where will you put all that stuff? The sooner you get it cleaned up, the sooner you can start collecting rent again. Jiffy Junk can come in same day and haul everything out, so you can get on with your own business.

Hoarding Situations

Reality TV has caught on that hoarding is more than an oddity; its becoming more common in our society. Mayo Clinic has recognized hoarding as a mental health issue, categorizing it as a specific type of an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD.) It has been estimated that one in fifty people have a problem with hoarding tendencies. Signs that you or a family member are at risk for hoarding behaviors include: cluttered living areas with useable space becoming progressively limited, constant accumulation of possessions-even trash, the lack of items or trash going out of the home, inability to find anything due to no organization in the home.

There are many detrimental effects on the family and individuals in the home which arise from hoarding as well, including: isolation, progressively going out of the house less and less, feeling uncomfortable with guests or even utility or repair personnel to be in the home, arguing and stress among residents or family, lack of ability to clean or keep the home sanitary, especially if collecting to many pets becomes an issue. Additionally, if a hoarder doesn’t allow apartment complex maintenance personnel into the apartment, many utilities or appliances, or even faucets and toilets might not be working properly.  This sets up an unsanitary, unhealthy living environment. When family or friends finally decide to intervene, having a estate clean out service can be extremely useful to make steps toward recovery. Once the occupants have agreed to commit to changing their ways, quickly removing trash and overwhelming unnecessary possessions from the apartment can help avoid a regressive and conflict-filled scenario. Who are you going to get help from to do this? You can take a look at our junk removal services here.

Estate Cleanout

The worst reason to have to clean out an apartment is after the passing of a loved one. Often, there is limited time available to address this daunting task. The apartment complex will want to prepare the apartment for rental, and the previous occupant’s items need to be removed or risk additional fees or a month’s rent. Once your family has found and removed any important or sentimental items from the home, our pros will get the apartment cleared out, loaded into their trucks and removed from the property, so you can get on with more important family issues.

Apartment Cleanout Service

Hiring an apartment cleanout service makes your life easier, but it’s also easier on your community and the environment. What does Jiffy Junk do with your items they haul away? Our pros are associated with all the local charities. If any of your stuff can be donated for use by needy families, they’ll see to it that those items are dropped off at the appropriate sites. Other items might be better utilized by recycling. Jiffy Junk experts also know what can be recycled and where the specific types of recycle centers are. They like to keep as much of your junk out of the landfills as possible. Whatever unusable and unrecyclable junk is left over is disposed of legally and safely with the local disposal depositories. Stuck with loads of junk from your apartment?  Give Jiffy Junk a call or go online today!

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