Furniture Disposal for the Upstairs Apartment

Furniture Disposal for the Upstairs Apartment

No one thinks about furniture disposal when choosing their next home. It’s great having an upstairs apartment. Nice view, good security, and you don’t have anyone dancing over your head. Yes, there’s a lot to be said for living on top. In almost every respect, an upstairs apartment seems the way to go.

It’s all good, that is, until moving day. That’s when it gets real. You’ve had that sofa and loveseat set up there since the Reagan Administration, and now you’re moving on to more spacious digs at long last. You seriously don’t want to haul those things down two flights of stairs, or wrestle them into an elevator. Announcing furniture disposal at your disposal, courtesy of Jiffy Junk. Explore our top-notch junk removal service to efficiently declutter your space without lifting a finger. Our specialized furniture removal services are designed to provide a hassle-free experience, especially for those in upstairs apartments.

Alleviate Your Furniture Disposal Woes

Property managers, if you’ve got some furniture left behind in an apartment and need it out in a jiffy, there’s only one name to remember: Jiffy Junk. Not every renter leaves you with a unit that’s ready for the next tenant, we understand. We’ll pick up the mess for you and recycle or donate as applicable, in accordance with all state, federal and local regulations.

Jiffy Junk offers furniture disposal at volume pricing, so you’ll find a service that fits your needs. We’ll haul away a single item, or a truckload of furniture, and we’ll give you a no-risk quote so there are no surprises. We won’t bill you for more than our quoted estimate.

There are upstairs apartments all over Queens, and sanitation service that isn’t available for big loads every day of the week. It can take some doing just getting your old furniture to the curb, much less having it picked up anytime soon. A yard sale may work, if you’ve got the time and the yard, and a motivated buyer.

Flexible Services on a Flexible Schedule

Jiffy Junk offers you an alternative that works on your schedule. We’ll arrive promptly, clear out your old furniture, and we can even steam-clean the place for you if you choose. If your furniture is in good enough shape to donate, we’ll do it for you.

Got a bedbug problem in your apartment? We’ll handle that too! Jiffy Junk is a one-stop solution for all your apartment-dwelling needs in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Any items that need to be disassembled or broken down for hauling will be handled by our hauling pros. You don’t need to lift a finger, just point it to whatever you want gone, and we’ll haul it off.

If you’ve got more than furniture to move out, we’ll provide you volume pricing for whatever else you have to move – carpeting, appliances, electronics, etc. Call us today or book an appointment online, to schedule a no-obligation estimate for your furniture disposal. Save your energy for your new apartment party. Enjoy picking out your new furnishings. Let the folks at Jiffy Junk take care of the heavy lifting. We’ll be there in a hurry and get the job done in a jiffy.

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