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Home Cleanout Services in Suffolk County, NY

Suffolk County is home to a lot of people. And just like people in other parts of New York and around the country, we accumulate a lot of stuff. Occasionally, we need to get rid of some of what we have, either just because it is no longer needed or wanted, or to make room for new. Jiffy Junk can help you get rid of your excess accumulation.

We do junk removal. Suffolk County, NY, is one of our prime service areas. We provide cleanup and removal of household items in every section of the county, including:

Our Cleanup Services include the following:

Household Garbage Removal

Whether you have one item, like a lawnmower or old mattress, or an entire houseful of hoarding accumulation, we are here to help you out. No need for you to lift a finger. We can pick it up and clean it up, if necessary, and haul it all away.

hoardingWhere do we haul it to? That depends on what it is. We try our best to do our part in eliminating waste and harm to the environment. Whenever possible, we will haul your items to recycling and donation centers. Only those items that can’t be salvaged in any way, go to the landfill.

We’ll haul away leftovers from an estate, your junk pile from cleaning out the garage or another storage area, old furniture, appliances, mattresses and electronics when they are being replaced or updated.

If you just don’t want the hassle of dealing with eliminating your growing clutter, ask us to do it for you. We’ll take that pile of paperback books and magazines, the dozen pairs of shoes you no longer wear and the old drapes that are taking up space in the closet. We are here to make life a little easier and less cluttered for you.

We’re ready to help Suffolk County, NY, get rid of the junk – call Jiffy Junk today at (844) 543-3966 or click here to get your job scheduled.

Jiffy Junk Home Cleanout Services in Suffolk County, NY
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