Furniture Removal, Long Island and Beyond

Furniture Removal, Long Island and Beyond


What do you do when it’s time to get rid of worn, outdated or unwanted furniture? Finding a new home for your old sofa can quickly become far more difficult than you imagine, especially if you plan to look for a buyer.

Used furniture, apart from valuable antiques, can be very difficult and frustrating to sell. This particularly holds true for upholstered pieces, which can be difficult to sanitize. Online classified ads and other used-item sales systems also tend to yield a lot of offers that never materialize, leaving you still holding onto furniture you don’t want after investing time and energy into sales attempts.

You obviously can’t fit an old dining set into the weekly pickup bin, so what do you do when the offers aren’t rolling in from interested buyers?


Where Should You Take Old Furniture?


If you’re getting rid of furniture that is still usable, even if a bit dated or slightly worn, the most ethical and responsible option is donation. This allows you to send things you no longer want to people and organizations that are truly in need, freeing up your space in the most helpful way possible.

Unfortunately, donation centers that offer pickup services are exceedingly rare. Of the very few that do offer such services, you can expect to wait weeks or even months for an appointment, as the demand for pickup often outstrips a charity center’s capacity to do so. This means you’ll need to secure a truck, load up your heavy and ungainly furniture, then drop it off only to unload it again. By the time you rent a vehicle, pay for the related fees and cover fueling costs, your charitable donation can mean quite a hit to your wallet.

What about items you simply can’t donate, due to their condition? Municipal sanitation departments often offer specialized pickup for furniture removal; Long Island is no exception. You will likely need to make an appointment and will certainly need to comply with all the applicable local, state and federal regulations to avoid fines or citations. These appointments may also need to be made well in advance, which can greatly complicate projects with a firm deadline.


Easy Furniture Removal, Long Island Style


You don’t have time to rent trucks, wrangle with buyers who never show up, or become an expert in disposal law to avoid legal complications. You just need old furniture removed from your space, quickly and easily.

At Jiffy Junk, we offer full white-glove service to commercial and residential clients in all five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We’ll drop off furniture in good condition to the donation center of your choice, then leave your space swept clean and dust-free. If your old furniture isn’t suitable for donation, we’ll seek out non-traditional recycling options as part of our deep commitment to ethical, environmentally-sound disposal.

Don’t let old furniture cramp your style or complicate your plans. Let Jiffy Junk help you dispose of anything with a single phone call.

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