How Large Garbage Pickup Works in Broward County

How Large Garbage Pickup Works in Broward County


Most of the time, you’re able to take care of household waste by tossing it in the appropriate bin and wheeling it down to the curb for weekly collection. There are other times when you find yourself in need of far more disposal than your curbside bins can provide. Everyone knows how to navigate weekly collection, but a lack of familiarity with large garbage pickup services can make them confusing and intimidating.

Towering discard piles usually mean you’re in the middle of a big project, and big projects typically come with time constraints. Whether your deadlines are self-imposed or external, being able to meet them can often hinge on the quality of your waste management planning. Accumulated waste, debris and castoff goods can not only make moving through your work site a challenge, they can create very real safety hazards. Learning the ins and outs of bulk collection in Broward County, along with your other large disposal options, can help you streamline your entire project for a less stressful experience.


Large Garbage Pickup Options for Residents of Broward County


Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County provides weekly collection for household waste, but there’s an entirely different set of rules for large garbage pickup services. These special collection days happen only once per month, and on their schedule. This can present the first difficulty for large projects, as the likelihood of both your schedule and municipal collection services aligning can be quite slim.

Even if timing is on your side, there are some things you may want to consider before settling upon municipal bulk collection for your large garbage pickup needs. Items like furniture, household goods, appliances and fixtures are accepted, but there is no system in place for salvaging items in usable condition. This means that, rather than being transported to donation centers, lightly worn furniture and still usable goods are taken directly to the local landfill. Appliances are recycled in order to comply with state, local and federal disposal laws, but municipal bulk collection is far from the most sustainable disposal option for large-volume waste.

It’s also important to remember that there are restrictions on the kinds of items municipal haulers will collect, even on special collection days. While you can dispose of tree trimmings, trunks, logs, large limbs, branches and other lawn waste, it must result from non-commercial labor. Debris left behind by hired landscaping and lawn care services is forbidden under collection regulations, as is any waste generated by hired contractors. No construction and demolition debris of any kind is accepted on bulk collection day, nor are automotive parts, oil, chemicals, insecticides or paint.

Should any unacceptable items block collection professionals’ path to acceptable items, those items will not be moved to grant access. This means you could theoretically find yourself left with a multitude of items which could have been hauled away, but were instead left behind due to items in front of them. Ordinances require you to remove uncollected items from the curb no more than 12 hours after scheduled collection ends, which can be a challenge when you’re expecting everything to be removed.

In the face of so many regulations, restrictions and potential scheduling conflicts, it can be tempting to opt for a more DIY solution. Hauling everything yourself, however, can be exponentially more expensive than you imagine.

Unless you have access to a suitable vehicle, your first expense is truck rental, insurance and administrative fees. You’ll also be responsible for all fueling costs incurred over what will likely turn into multiple trips, as well as refilling the fuel tank before returning the truck. This is before you encounter processing fees at recycling centers or disposal sites, and before you factor in the cost of your time and labor.

When it’s all said and done, working with a private hauler can be not only the most cost-effective option, but also the most environmentally sound. The key is to work with a provider who focuses on sustainability in addition to providing excellent customer service.


Choosing a Large Garbage Pickup Solution


Your time and labor are as valuable as cash, especially when you’re managing a sprawling project. There are so many things only you can oversee, but waste management is not one of those things. Every minute you spend on trash management is a minute you can’t spend handling the items on your to-do list no one else can manage. At Jiffy Junk, we’ve built our business around offering full-service large garbage pickup and junk removal on your terms, and on your schedule.

When we come to your home or place of business to remove items you no longer want or need, we know you have a long to-do list to manage. Our extensively trained and highly knowledgeable removal technicians do all the work, removing heavy furniture from where it sits and uninstalling appliances marked for disposal. We’ll even tear out old carpeting and padding for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing the unpleasant and difficult work of removing, rolling, bundling and dragging to the curb.

Because we are dedicated to sustainability, we carefully inspect all furniture and household items to make sure usable ones are transported to local donation centers. We work hard to keep these items out of the landfill and in the homes of those who need them, helping you minimize your environmental footprint along the way. When we’ve removed everything, we make sure your spaces are as clean as your conscience by sweeping up any lingering dust bunnies and debris.

Don’t let a lack of planning for waste management derail your entire project. Whether you’re working to turn a cluttered extra room into a space for the newest addition to the household, doing the demanding work of hoarding mitigation or anything in between, we’re standing by to help. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to diverting waste from Broward County’s overburdened landfills, and how we can help you make quick work of even the most overwhelming waste pile.

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