Tips on How to Remove a Garbage Disposal

Tips on How to Remove a Garbage Disposal


Are funky smells, leaks and plumbing issues turning your convenient disposal into a nightmare? Whether your unit is malfunctioning or simply seems to be more trouble than its worth, learning how to remove a garbage disposal is sometimes your only option.


Safety First


It’s always vital to be careful with electrical appliances, but it becomes more crucial when those appliances are also in proximity to water. If your disposal is plugged into a wall socket, unplug the unit before attempting any repairs. For hardwired units, make sure the power is turned off at the electrical panel before attempting to disconnect the wires.

After disconnecting the unit, look for a drain pipe connecting the side of the unit to the drain on the adjacent sink and disconnect it with a flat-head screwdriver. You’ll also need to disconnect the dishwasher hose, if there’s one in your kitchen.

Using a flat-head screwdriver for leverage, pry the snap ring securing the unit to a mounting bracket away to expose the flange. The unit will become loose, and is quite heavy. Three Phillips-head screws will connect the mounting bracket, which you should also remove.


What to Do After Removal


The next steps you take will be determined by your final goal. If you plan to install a new disposal to replace your broken unit, you’ll simply reverse the steps you took to remove the old equipment. It’s wise to fit the snap ring into place a few times as practice, to get a feel for how it works. Making your first attempt in close quarters under your sink is likely to be awkward, and can be frustrating if you’re unfamiliar with the mechanism.

To replace the entire system with a standard drain, you’ll need to take a number of steps.

First, remove the nut that secures the drain flange, then push it up through the sink to remove it. With a putty knife, clean the plumber’s putty from the area surrounding the drain hole. Steel wool and water should remove any remaining residue, though stubborn bits can be treated with mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol.

Replace old putty with a 1/8-inch rope of new putty, long enough to wrap around the entirety of the new drain. Put it in place around the underside lip and then set the drain into the sink opening, pressing down firmly. Excess putty may work its way up, but it can be easily wiped away.

At this point, all that remains is to install the new washer and retaining nut, then the new drain pipes.


Disposing the Old Disposal


Since it’s a relatively heavy and clunky piece of equipment, figuring out what to do with your non-functioning disposal can be a challenge. For home and business owners in NYC and Nassau and Suffolk Counties, we’re standing by to provide complete dismantling and hauling services. Our trained and experienced Jiffy Junk technicians will remove your old garbage disposal and haul it away, making it easier to handle household maintenance.

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