How Typical American Junk Removal Systems Impact Broward County’s Environment

How Typical American Junk Removal Systems Impact Broward County’s Environment

No matter how much you love something, there comes a time when you must let it go to make room for what comes next. Closing the estate of a loved one, working to downsize belongings before a big move or even extreme situations, like hoarding mitigation projects, can all generate a lot of waste very quickly. Most of these projects also come with hard deadlines, which makes the prospect of tracking down waste management even more daunting. The last thing you want to worry about is the environmental impact of your project, but the truth is, American junk removal and bulk waste systems are far from sustainable.

This particularly holds true in Broward County, home to one of the tallest manmade landforms in the entire state of Florida: a landfill.

Troubling waste management systems don’t have to mean you’re stuck with everything you’ve accumulated. You just need a bit of research to learn how you can work to clean your space and clear your conscience.

American Junk Removal, Bulk Waste Collection and Landfill Impact

It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect the planet, even when you’re staring down a looming deadline and a heaping waste pile. Balancing ethical disposal and efficient workflow doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge, it just requires the ability to make informed decisions.

Throughout much of the United States, municipal bulk collection services are designed to get as much waste off the curb as quickly as possible. Metal items, household appliances and automobile tires are typically recycled, but much of what’s collected during bulk pickup days will head straight to the landfill. Furniture, household items and other useful goods in serviceable condition make their way to the dump right alongside irreparably broken and difficult-to-recycle items. For most cities and counties, there simply isn’t a feasible system in place to facilitate donation or repurposing these items. This means your perfectly good sofa or slightly worn dining room furniture will languish in a landfill when it could stay in the community.

For residents of Broward County, this should be particularly alarming. Monarch Hill Renewable Energy park, the local landfill, is better known by its embarrassing nickname “Mount Trashmore.” Towering more than 200 feet over much of the landscape and the frequent subject of lawsuits, Monarch Hill is also rapidly approaching capacity. In fact, work began in 2018 to prepare 23 acres to accept waste; this is the last parcel of land which can be prepared without demolishing existing structures. Approximately 1.5 million tons of waste are dumped at Monarch Hill each year, with no current plan in place for how the area will manage its waste when the site can no longer accept any.

Once per month, residents of Broward County are invited to place specific types of bulk waste at the curb for municipal collection. While this may seem like the most efficient and effective system at first glance, it pays to explore the implications of each junk removal option before making a decision. In addition to the environmental impact of municipal bulk collection, there’s also the potential impact on your particular project to consider.

Since these monthly pickup days are scheduled by Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County, it’s wise to consider the impact on your project timeline. You can’t rely upon a once-monthly collection day that is scheduled for the week after you’re supposed to move out of a home, for example. There are also restrictions and limitations to keep in mind, as only certain types of items are accepted by municipal collection technicians. Finding much of what you placed out for bulk collection still sitting at the curb because it wasn’t accepted means you’ll be frantically scrambling for a last-minute disposal solution.

Loading up a truck and hauling waste away yourself can feel like a very American junk removal solution, but this is one situation where ingenuity and elbow grease might not be quite sufficient. You’ll need to be prepared to make more than one trip to multiple locations, doing all the manual labor of loading and unloading waste at each stop. You’ll also be forced to leave everything else on your to-do list on hold as you invest your time and focus into dealing with the trash.

Almost always, it’s more efficient and more effective to work with a reputable private hauler. Choose one who shares your commitment to environmental responsibility, and it can also be the more sustainable decision.

Simplifying a Complex Project with Professional Broward County Junk Hauling

No matter the size and scope of your project, we understand the process of clearing out junk can be the most difficult aspect of all. At Jiffy Junk, we’ve built our business on not only providing the very best in full-service, white glove removal, but also our dedication to preserving the environment.

When we come to your home or place of business to remove just about anything you can imagine, we take a different approach to disposal. Anything in usable condition is immediately separated for transport not to the nearest landfill or recycling center, but local donation centers. This allows us to keep those items in the community where they can be of assistance to those in need, while also minimizing landfill impact. Anything unsuitable for donation is recycled, repurposed, reclaimed or disposed of in the most ethical possible manner, with every effort made to avoid the landfill.

Best of all, we do it on your schedule. No more contorting your project to fit into the narrow window of opportunity offered by the Solid Waste and Recycling Services of Broward County. No more fretting about missed deadlines, either. Our trained and experienced removal techs do all the heavy lifting, even tearing out old carpeting and uninstalling appliances marked for disposal. N95 breathing protection and gloves are always uniform standard, but during this worldwide health crisis, we’re also making full Tyvek suits available to our employees at customer request.

Call us today to learn more about how we’re handling greener, more reliable American junk removal services even during a global pandemic.


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