Large Trash Pickup Options in Austin, TX

Large Trash Pickup Options in Austin, TX


Dealing with things you no longer want or need is easy when it’s on a normal scale. You toss things into the appropriate bin and haul it down to the curb for municipal collection. When you’ve got more than you can cram into a curbside bin to deal with, however, things can get more difficult. Large trash pickup services are different from regular weekly household waste collection, but there are options.


Managing Waste on a Bigger Scale: Large Trash Pickup 101


No two projects are alike, and the reasons for needing large trash pickup are unique to each one. What bigger cleaning and organizing projects have in common, however, is how much waste they can generate. This is where it pays to have a working knowledge of how bulk collection works in Austin.

Twice per year, Austin Resource Recovery holds special bulk collection days. On these designated days, Austin residents can place rolled fencing, nail-free lumber, pallets, halved railroad ties, appliances with doors removed, passenger car tires, furniture, doors and carpeting out for municipal collection.

Cardboard boxes, landscaping waste, household garbage,  construction and remodeling debris, sheet glass and mirrors, tires mounted to rims, boats, trailers, motorcycles, automotive bodies and chassis, and hazardous waste will not be collected on bulk pickup days.

Different crews collect different types of items, so it’s important to place all of your discarded items at the curb by 6:30am on the first day of collection week sorted into three piles: metal items, passenger car tires, and non-metal items. These piles must be placed no less than five feet away from trash bins, mailboxes, fences or walls, water meters, telephone connection boxes and parked cars. Items also may not be placed under low-hanging power lines or tree limbs.

Metal items, including appliances with all doors removed for safety reasons, will be taken to a recycling facility. Up to eight car tires per household will also be collected, but only those for passenger vehicles. Tractor and truck tires will not be accepted. Tires will also be recycled.

Non-metal items that are not tires will be taken directly to the landfill. Despite a Zero Waste goal, there are currently no services in place to recycle, salvage or donate non-metal bulk items in Austin. Nail-free lumber, furniture in usable condition and all other bulk items will have an impact on the landfill and the local economy along the way.

Environmental concerns aside, the twice-per-year scheduled collection means you must plan any major projects around a municipal schedule, and life doesn’t always happen according to plan. When you’re working to close the estate of a loved one, for instance, or preparing for a big move, you have to make sure everything is cleaned out and ready for whatever comes next as quickly as possible. Time is money, especially when there are deadlines for vacating a property involved. When you can’t afford to wait for a special collection day, you’re left with two options: hauling waste yourself or working with a private hauler.

DIY hauling can quickly become a cumbersome task, especially if you’re dealing with a variety of items. You’ll need to make multiple trips to various locations, working to ensure usable items are donated and recyclable materials are disposed of appropriately. This is assuming, of course, you have easy access to a vehicle suitable for the task. If not, you’re also on the hook for rental, administrative and insurance fees, not to mention fueling costs and any fees you incur at recycling or disposal centers. In the end, DIY hauling requires a significant investment of physical labor, time and money. More often than not, it simply makes more sense to work with a private hauler.

Even if you’re working to complete a less urgent project, it’s frustrating to work around two days over the course of an entire year when you can take advantage of large trash pickup on a municipal level. This is where working with a private waste management provider can make all the difference.


Choosing a Private Bulk Trash Management Service


There are a variety of private haulers in and around Austin who will come to your property to remove unwanted items on your schedule. There’s more to responsible waste management than simply showing up with a truck to cart items to the landfill, though.

At Jiffy Junk, we’ve built our business around a firm commitment to environmental responsibility. We work hard to keep our own environmental impact as small as possible, something we gladly pass along to each and every client. When we come to remove bulk items, we take a different approach. Our knowledgeable and experienced removal technicians will separate any items in usable condition, from household goods to furniture, outgrown clothing to kids’ items. These are taken to local donation centers, keeping them out of the landfill and in the community, where they can do some good for neighbors in need.

Everything else, we work hard to find recycling solutions for, looking beyond the services used by municipal waste management. By actively working to minimize our own landfill impact, we’re able to provide our customers with not only a clean space but also a clear conscience. Our white-glove service promise means we’re also ready to go the extra mile every time. We do all the heavy lifting, even uninstalling appliances and tearing up old carpet to prepare for disposal. You don’t have to haul items down to the curb, struggle to place them far enough from any structures in clearly defined piles or wait all week for your curbside to be cleared twice per year. We remove almost anything you no longer need or want, then we leave your space swept clean and free of any lingering dust bunnies so you’re truly ready for what the future has in store.

Don’t let struggles with waste management derail your project and throw you off schedule. When life doesn’t adhere to a twice-per-year schedule for major changes, call Jiffy Junk in Austin. We’ll make quick work of even the biggest messes, leaving you free to focus on the aspects of your project only you can manage. Call today and find out how we can take the stress out of your next big project.


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