Microwave Disposal: Safe, Non-Hazardous Options

Microwave Disposal: Safe, Non-Hazardous Options


Your microwave is no longer operational or you’re ready for an upgrade, but what do you do with the older model?

Disposing of electronic waste is a bit different from getting rid of other types of items, since these items may contain dangerous chemical compounds and are not biodegradable. Unlike common garbage, which should break down in a landfill, a microwave or other appliances will only rust and degrade.

Fortunately, microwave ovens can be recycled or donated at the appropriate facilities.


Safe and Responsible Disposal


If you’re considering microwave disposal because it’s no longer operational, the most environmentally and socially responsible choice is to have the appliance recycled. Even though the appliance is no longer in working condition, it may contain both hazardous materials and also valuable metals that should be reused.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that small appliance waste accounted for 1.6 million tons in 2010 alone, and less than 7% of that total was recovered for recycling. When you take the appropriate steps to dispose of your unwanted appliances appropriately, you can become part of the solution to a very real issue.

While your curbside pickup or local waste removal company may not pick up appliances, there are specialty electronics recycling facilities that remove any potentially hazardous components before harvesting usable metals and parts. They’re not always easy to locate, but tossing an old microwave in the trash is a potential legal issue and certainly not the most earth-conscious choice.

What if your microwave is still in working condition? When you’re remodeling your kitchen or upgrading your microwave, donation of appliances that are still in working condition is also a safe and responsible option.

Donation facilities can help you free up space for a new microwave, while helping someone less fortunate gain access to a working appliance they may not be able to afford at full retail price.


Finding the Right Solution


Since not all recycling facilities accept microwave ovens, and not all donation centers accept small appliances, simply finding a place to drop off your discarded microwave can be a challenge. Finding a new home for your old microwave doesn’t have to become a full-time job, or a permanent headache, though. Don’t spend valuable time calling every recycling and donation center you can find; rely on experienced professionals trained to make the process quick and painless.

For home and business owners in Long Island and all five boroughs of New York City, Jiffy Junk is an ideal solution. Our professional staff will disconnect and uninstall your microwave, then take it to the appropriate facility.

Units that are beyond repair will be taken to recycling centers that specialize in electronic waste. Appliances in working condition are donated, giving them a second chance at life. Don’t risk damage to the environment or the potential legal entanglements of improper electronic waste disposal. Get rid of your old microwave the right way, and rest easy knowing you’ve made the most ethical and responsible choice.

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