What You Might Find in the Garbage Dump of Bronx, NY

What You Might Find in the Garbage Dump of Bronx, NY

In NYC overall, trash collection has become much more efficient, with the percentage of waste going to landfills and dumps increasing at a lower rate than ever. This is due to the great NYC recycling initiatives in place. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the waste management results in the Bronx. For the past 8 years, Bronx officials have noted that theirs is the only borough where solid waste continues to rise. Experts claim that it’s due to Bronx residents’ lower inclination to recycle. NYC in total collects over 12,000 tons of trash per day and the percentage for the Bronx is higher per resident than in any other Borough.

In all of NYC, residents are required to sort their regular recyclables such as paper, metal, glass and plastic into separate containers. This makes it easier to collect and process. In the Bronx, while most residents do put household recyclables on the curb, they fall behind with larger recyclables that don’t originate from food or cardboard boxes. They typically just add everything to the trash collection or deliver large loads to the dump itself. The city doesn’t sort the possible recyclables from the trash, so a great deal of useful items and recyclables end up in the Bronx dump.

“Discover a responsible and stress-free alternative to contributing to the growing waste in the Bronx, NY, with Jiffy Junk’s efficient junk removal services, ensuring your unwanted items are either recycled or donated to benefit the community, rather than ending up in the landfill.

Treasures in Trash

If one were to take a stroll through a garbage dump of Bronx, NY, what might one find? Besides the expected daily household trash, one might find all manner of useful or recyclable items. Local bloggers share eye-witness accounts of these kinds of items seen in the Bronx Dump:

  • Broken wooden picnic tables & outdoor furniture, lumber, terra cotta and plastic potted plants, toys, living and dining furniture broken down in pieces, disassembled mattresses and box springs, roofing materials, computers and other electronic parts, auto parts, lawn mowers and small motors, dishes, clothing and sporting equipment, boxes of nails, bike tires, broken and/or disassembled appliances.

Everything on this list could be handled in other ways than being dumped into the landfill. Residents will often hide these items in bags and put them on the curb, sometimes willing to pay extra for a higher load pickup. The public is understandably not allowed into these dumps. Soon after the refuse is delivered, machines are used to further move and break down the trash to prepare it for the landfill, so there’s no way to retrieve useful items. The key is to prevent allowing these items to hit the dump at all.

While the city officials realize their need to create better recycling initiatives and to get the word out to citizens, there are other actions that residents can take. We at Jiffy Junk are all over this issue. We know and care about what disposed of items can be reused and recycled and will go to the trouble of making sure it happens with every load of junk we haul away.


So much of what we need to get rid of can be reused, helping our neighbors and larger community. Whether you must clear out an estate, deal with a hoarding problem or simply need to get rid of your own useable furniture, clothing, kitchen items or other household possessions, Jiffy Junk has a relationship with every charity donation center in the Bronx. We know what kinds of items they want dropped off and will make sure your trash can be someone else’s treasure. No need for you to do the research, make the phone calls, haul out of your house or transport large, bulky items, or multiple loads to those donation centers yourself. We’ll do all of that for you. One call to us and you can feel good about your contribution while being free of that clutter you just don’t want or can’t store any longer.


While many items can be donated, some furniture or other normal household items are just not reusable. Can those items be recycled?

If you have larger or special items that contain scrap metal or rubber or other large chunky items, you might have a few times throughout the year to leave them on the curb. If you must clear out a space in a hurry, the city pickup schedule will not be much help to you, and you’ll have to figure out how to get your items out of the house or apartment and to the recycling centers yourself. Even on their pick-up days, municipalities still won’t take certain items, such as paint, motor oil or electronics, so one way or another you’re still forced to consider how to dispose of many recyclable items on your own.

A Better Alternative to Always Using the Garbage Dump of Bronx NY

When you must move a lot of stuff out of a house or apartment, you probably don’t have a lot of time to do it. Once you sort through what’s being kept and what’s got to go, we know you want to do the right thing and not just send your trash to the garbage dump of Bronx, NY, right? Wouldn’t it be great to not waste time making those phones calls, researching the internet to find where you can take donations or recyclables? It would be awesome if you didn’t have to lift a finger to haul all that junk out of the house or worry about renting or borrowing a truck. Jiffy Junk is the answer! We know all the appropriate donation centers for drop off and what they’ll take. We also know where special recyclables go, and no waiting for the twice-a-year special city pickup, and no worry about items that the city doesn’t recycle. We even haul away landscape debris!

Having a junk disposal service is an immediate and stress-free strategy to see that your junk is out of your way. Jiffy Junk pros can give you the added advantage of knowing that whatever possible items are either donated to benefit your struggling community members or recycled at the proper facilities, instead of taking up limited landfill space. We’ll be there for the final cleanup of the property, taking everything from trash to large appliance items. We do it immediately, safely, legally and efficiently. Call us or go online today!

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