Moving? Trash Removal on Your Schedule in Austin

Moving? Trash Removal on Your Schedule in Austin


Even under the most ideal circumstances, relocating is often a stressful, time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It’s also a time when you’re likely to discover just how many things you’d rather get rid of than pack and move to a new home. For Austin residents, bulk disposal isn’t quite so easy when you’re moving; trash removal on a larger scale only happens once each year on a municipal level. Unless you’re fortunate enough to find your moving date aligns with bulk pickup week, you may find yourself with more waste on your hands than you can manage.

Short deadlines and tight schedules can make moving difficult enough, you shouldn’t have to concern yourself with the intricacies of municipal waste management scheduling. Aligning your schedule with that of Austin Resource Recovery isn’t your only concern, though. For more than one reason, you may want to consider thinking outside the city waste management box when it comes to bulk disposal.


Ethical, Efficient and Timely Moving Trash Removal Solutions


Moving comes with its own to-do list, often filled with things you must manage yourself in order to ensure they’re handled appropriately. Getting rid of the things you’d rather not carry into your new home doesn’t have to be among them, though.

This doesn’t mean you can’t handle your own waste hauling and disposal, of course; only that you might want to think twice before committing to such a big job. Doing it properly means making sure anything in usable condition finds its way to local donation centers, where it can be of use to people or organizations in your community, rather than taking up space in a landfill. It also means working hard to ensure everything else ends up at a recycling center, or at least everything you can find a recycling solution for in the Austin area. 

If the only truck you have access to is the one that will arrive on moving day, then hauling your own castoffs means incurring rental, insurance and administrative costs along the way, not to mention the cost of fuel and any processing fees at recycling centers. If you’ve got a moderate or large discard pile, you may need to block off more than one day just to manage more than one trip to each of several locations. In the end, doing it yourself costs time, money and requires an enormous amount of manual labor. While you’re focused on getting rid of the things you don’t want to carry with you, everything else related to your big move is forced to wait.

What if your move does happen to align with the one week per year when you have access to bulk waste pickup through Austin Resource Recovery? Moving trash removal can be one of the most pressing items on a relocation to-do list, and most would jump at the chance to place large items out for collection by the same municipal crews who handle weekly household waste.

The truth is, despite admirable efforts to reach a Zero Waste goal, much of what Austin Resource Recovery collects during bulk pickup week is taken directly to the local landfill. If you’re dedicated to keeping your move as green as possible, then municipal pickup services definitely don’t fit the bill. There are also restrictions to consider, as they can make things more difficult. During bulk collection week, Austin Resource Recovery crews will collect:

  • Nail-free lumber
  • Doors
  • Rolled fencing
  • Carpet
  • Pallets
  • Furniture
  • Railroad ties; must be cut in half
  • Appliances; doors must be removed
  • Lawn mowers; gas/oil must be removed
  • Passenger car tires; rims must be removed, limit eight tires per household

Sheet glass, construction and remodeling debris, brush and lawn debris, household waste, tires still mounted on rims, truck and tractor tires, cardboard boxes, boats, trailers, motorcycles, automotive bodies and chassis, and mirrors are not accepted by collection crews. It’s important to note that items must be separated into three piles: Metal items, including appliances, tires, and non-metal items. Metal and tires are taken to Austin Resource Recovery Center for recycling, but non-metal items are taken to a landfill. These piles must be distinctly separate, but also five feet from any mailboxes, fences or walls, parked vehicles, telephone connection boxes, water meters, and trash carts. Items should not be placed under any low-hanging tree limbs or power lines, nor in boxes, bags or containers as bulk collection is specifically intended for items too large to fit in a container. Any bagged items will be treated as extra trash and subject to appropriate fees.


Simplifying Moving Trash Removal


No one has time to coordinate with a strict municipal schedule or to pin down the logistics of DIY disposal in the middle of a big move. At Jiffy Junk, we understand that moving is hard work, there’s no reason to add more stress to the situation. That’s why our trained and experienced removal techs work so hard to provide the very best in white-glove, full-service removal with the good of the planet and our customers in mind. 

Working with Jiffy Junk means there’s one less thing to worry about because we’ll handle all your waste removal needs in short order, all with a focus on greener disposal so you can feel good about your disposal choices.

We’ll remove just about anything you no longer need or want, no questions asked. If it’s still in usable condition, we’ll separate it for transport to a local donation center to ensure it stays in the community and out of a landfill. Everything else, we work hard to find recycling or sustainable disposal solutions for that put the health of the planet first. Our white-glove service promise means we’ll do all the heavy lifting, too. No need to move heavy items down to the curb or even out of the room. We’ll uninstall old appliances, tear out old carpeting and take care of any lingering dust bunnies on our way out the door to ensure you’re set up for moving success. Contact us today and find out how you can simplify one aspect of your move with a single phone call.

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