Moving? Trash Removal on Your Schedule

Moving? Trash Removal on Your Schedule


Is the stress of planning a move getting you down? Whether you’re upgrading to your dream home or downsizing an empty nest, trying to coordinate a stress-free move can often seem like an impossible task. There’s more to a successful move than simply packing your entire life into boxes bound for another location; you’ll also need to find new homes for things you no longer need or want. At the end of the day, a big move is also a great opportunity to streamline and organize your belongings.

Packing and hauling only scratch the surface when it comes to things you’ll need to plan to prepare for moving. Trash removal and donation delivery are just as important, and they’re often overlooked. You’ll almost certainly find you’ve got more you’d like to get rid of than you thought, and far more than can be managed with normal household pickup.


Streamlining the Process of Moving: Trash Removal and Green Disposal


The last thing you want to do is carry all of your broken, unwanted or unneeded items into your new home. Still, you want to make sure you’re disposing of those things in not only the most efficient manner but also the most ethical. Tipping everything that will fit into a bin bound for municipal pickup will only get you so far, and there’s a strong chance it will all end up in a landfill. It’s not even an option for large items, like furniture or appliances.

Most local sanitation services will offer some sort of bulky item pickup program designed to facilitate the removal of bulk items, but recycling isn’t often a focus for these programs beyond what’s required by federal law regarding appliances and potentially hazardous materials. Items that are still in serviceable condition will be broken down and disposed of, instead of donated to charitable organizations.

Donating unwanted items is definitely the most responsible and helpful thing you can do, but donation centers that accept your particular items and also offer pickup services are incredibly rare. This means you’ll need to either coordinate your own transportation, or just watch as useful items are carted off to the landfill by a municipal truck.

Another major drawback of working with these services when you’re coordinating a move relates to scheduling. In most cases, you’ll need to vacate your old home by a predetermined move-out date. Municipal bulk pickup services, where they’re available, can require weeks of advance planning and appointments. These “free” services can be costly in the end if you’re stuck with late move-out fees or charges.


Quick, Responsible and Ethical Disposal


You don’t want to throw perfectly good furniture, clothing or other items into the garbage when they could be helping the less fortunate, but it’s unlikely you’ll have time or truck space to take all these items to the appropriate drop-off location.

Our Jiffy Junk commitment to service excellence also includes a commitment to the environment. We’ll come to your home in Suffolk County, Nassau County or any of the five boroughs to remove everything you don’t plan to take to your new home. We’ll drop off donation items and those bound for recycling, minimizing the environmental impact of your move while helping you stay on schedule.


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