Preparing for Refrigerator Pickup

Preparing for Refrigerator Pickup


When you’ve got an old or inoperable refrigerator taking up space, getting it off your property feels like a top priority. If your disposal needs arose out of a sudden and unexpected need to replace your existing appliance, it only compounds the stress of an unplanned expense.

When you’re replacing an appliance, most major retailers offer some form of recycling pickup bundled with delivery and installation. This option is quick and easy, but often involves additional fees and isn’t available to those managing an estate cleanout or disposing of an extra refrigerator they don’t plan to replace right away. In these cases, you’re left with one of three options: donation, municipal pickup, or managing your own haul-away.

Navigating the often-complex rules for municipal pickup is no small task. When you add in the importance of complying with local, state and federal laws governing the disposal of any appliance containing a type of refrigerant being phased out of the market, it can seem like an almost hopeless one. Donation may require you to drop off the appliance yourself, and may not be an option if it was manufactured prior to 2010 due to environmental regulations. If you don’t have a strong back and access to a truck, DIY hauling isn’t a viable option, either.


Understanding Refrigerator Disposal Rules and Regulations


There are a number of laws on the books regarding the disposal of household appliances, all of which add to the number of steps a private citizen must take in order to schedule removal. In addition to these laws, there are often local ordinances and public service policies in place that add to the complication.

The first step you must take is to remove the refrigerator and freezer doors. Often a legal requirement or at least a policy of municipal pickup programs, this will need to be done before a refrigerator is left at the curb.

There are also EPA regulations and federal laws in place regarding the disposal of any appliance containing R-22 refrigerant, which is commonly used in any coolant-containing appliances manufactured prior to 2010. This coolant has been found to be damaging to the ozone layer and subsequently phased out, and how you dispose of it is a matter of public safety. Many pickup programs are built around taking the appliance to a dedicated recycling facility, which is another reason why scheduling such services is more difficult than just leaving appliances out for regular sanitation.


Easier and Less Stressful Refrigerator Pickup


In many cases, owners of old refrigerators in search of disposal find it easier, less stressful and more efficient to secure private refrigerator pickup. When you rely on the knowledge of a professional technician, getting rid of an old appliance is as easy as picking up the phone.

Our Jiffy Junk technicians are trained to come to your home or business, uninstall an old refrigerator and haul it away for safe disposal compliant with all pertinent laws. We’ll clean up after ourselves as part of our white glove service agreement, leaving the space clean swept and ready for a new appliance.


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