Planning a Storage Shed Cleanout Project

Planning a Storage Shed Cleanout Project


Does the idea of opening the door to your storage shed give you anxiety? You’re not alone. Even the most meticulously organized homeowners can find themselves in a pickle when it comes to their outdoor shed, a space that almost always becomes a catch-all for items they don’t often use.

Underneath all the broken household items you keep meaning to repair, the ragged seasonal decorations, and the dust is a valuable space on your property. While a full-scale cleanout is the only truly effective way to reclaim and use that space, it’s such a large and time-consuming project, most homeowners would rather keep procrastinating.

What you likely don’t realize is just how easy and even how fun it can be to tackle your storage shed organization problem head-on, provided you have the right plan of attack in place before you begin.


Getting a Storage Shed Cleanout Project Underway


While it may seem like an insurmountable chore at first glance, even the most tightly packed and neglected sheds can be transformed with a bit of dedication.

To get started, designate separate areas for the following sorting piles: “keep,” “discard,” “donate.” Then, start removing items. If you haven’t used it in more than a year, if it’s broken beyond repair or you simply don’t need it, chuck it into the “discard” or “donate” pile. By removing each item individually and considering it objectively, you’re able to make conscious choices to keep only the things you care about, need or want.

Once the entire shed is empty, look over the space for any needed repairs. This is a great time to patch holes in the wall, fix loose floorboards or repair broken window panes. After these chores are complete, you’re ready to start replacing the things you’ve decided to keep. Find dedicated homes for everything, even the smallest items. When the contents of your shed all have a designated spot, you’re able to maintain a clean and organized space more easily.


Ethical and Efficient Disposal After Cleaning Out Your Shed


You’ve cleaned out, straightened up and organized the contents of your shed. Now, you’re left with the piles of items destined for donation, recycling or disposal.

Unless you have access to a truck and several days of free time, managing the removal of unwanted items will be almost impossible. Even if you do have transportation and time, it’s still difficult to do efficiently. You’ll likely need to take several loads to separate locations just to deal with the items you want to recycle. Donation items‎ will almost certainly need to go to multiple drop-off locations, as well.

At Jiffy Junk, we specialize in making home and office organization projects manageable while minimizing the environmental impact. Our technicians service all five boroughs and Long Island, offering white-glove service for projects of any size.

We’ll come to your property to assist in the project from the very beginning, leaving the shed swept clean and ready to be reorganized, or we’ll come to haul away the items you need to donate, recycle or discard at the end. We’ll ensure all your waste is managed in the most ecologically responsible manner, minimizing landfill waste by focusing on donation and recycling solutions.

Take back your space with a quick, manageable and satisfying storage shed cleanout.


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