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Shed Cleanout: Organize Your Backyard

May 4, 2017.

The bees are buzzing and flowers are blooming and, for now, there’s a slight breeze in the air. Sure, it means spring has arrived, but it also means now is the best time to prepare and organize your backyard before the heat of summer sets in. Perhaps the best way to begin this project is to start with a full shed cleanout to see what items you have, what items you use, and what items you need to replace or discard.

Sort Your Items

Before removing any items from the shed, make designated areas (with signs if you’re a visual person) to ensure everything is sorted as you remove it. Doing so will help keep the entire process on track instead of shuffling a mess from one area to another. With the nature of things stored in a shed, four main categories come to mind: keep, toss, donate, and holiday.

Keep – This area will obviously accumulate items you wish to hold onto. For example, any tools or sports equipment that remain in great condition or personal belongings that have sentimental value like your late grandfather’s favorite rake. Everything in this category will be returning to a spot within the shed.

Toss – Items that no longer work or have rusted should be sent to this pile. Ideally, with most projects, this pile should be the largest since cleaning out would hopefully force you to reassess the needs of anything you’ve been holding onto. Once the project is done, this pile should be resorted to separate items that can be recycled versus items that will head to the landfill.

Donate – Sometimes we have things that no longer serve a purpose for us, but could benefit someone else in need. It’s best to donate these items. Most local churches and charities will accept donations of all sorts, especially gardening or outdoor tools. While these groups generally have volunteers, they don’t always have the proper equipment to place in their hands.

Holiday – Decorations or holiday-specific items should be set aside in a separate section. Doing so will allow you to reorganize them and sort any duplicate or damaged belongings into one of the other designated areas. Once the shed has been cleared out, these items can be placed back inside according to season and frequency of use.

After all the shed’s contents have been emptied and sorted, it should be cleaned top to bottom. During the winter months, insects and other critters can find their way inside and become unwelcome guests. Cleaning out every nook and cranny will deter them from coming back and provide a clean space for the items you’ll continue to store.

Who to Call for Help

It’s a big job. If you don’t have the time or desire to go it alone, Jiffy Junk can help. Not only will we clean everything out and sort it, but we’ll take your toss pile and recycle what we can while discarding the rest. We’ll even take care of the donation items, leaving you with a clean and organized shed for the summer.

If you live in the Long Island or NYC area, call Jiffy Junk at 844-543-3966 or click on the Get Pricing button below today.

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